Revision history for Perl extension Crypt::Passwd.

0.01  Mon Aug  3 20:41:48 1998
	- Initial release.

0.02  Sun Aug  9 09:45:03 1998
	- Added config.h to customize crypt*() methods to use. This
	allows users with an implementation of UFC-Crypt with no
	crypt16() to use the module easily. This also eases the use
	of other crypt() libraries. Thanks to Lupe Christoph
	for pointing out that most versions of UFC-Crypt found on
	the Net are missing crypt16().

0.03  Sun Aug 16 14:04:05 MET DST 1998
	- Removed superflous passwd.c.
	- Edited passwd.h to supply the correct declarations
	  depending on definitions in config.h.
	- Added PROTOTYPE statements to Passwd.xs.
	- Made no crypt16() the default.
	- Removed (integrated into t/std.t).
	- t/std.t now checks the availability of functions
	  before testing them.
	- Added test for MD5 prerequisite.