Revision history for Perl extension Crypt::Random::Seed

0.03  16 Feb 2013

  - Allow tests to run even if TESHA2 isn't installed.  Thanks to
    Salvatore Bonaccorso for suggestion.

  - Use binmode on file reads.  Thanks for David Dick for idea.

  - Minor documentation updates.

0.02  29 Jan 2013

  - Add EGD/PRNGD source.

  - More documentation.

  - More strict with perlcritic (used Bytes::Random::Secure for some reference)

  - Remove 'Weak' constructor option.  There was too little logic behind what
    got called strong or weak.  The is_strong() call remains, so the calle can
    use it possibly in conjunction with the name() value to make a more
    informed decision.

0.01  12 Jan 2013

  - Initial development