Revision history for Perl extension Crypt::X509.

0.52 Fr Nov 08 2019 oliwel
    - changed shortnames for OIDs State (ST) and Locality(L), added new shortnames

0.51 Wed Jul 06 2011 ajung
    - removed the explicit exports of new() and error() not needed and pollute namespace (thanks for the notice to Daniel Kahn Gillmor)

0.50 Fri Jan 07 2011 ajung
    - incorporated patch from Tom Harrison to keep working, even after loading a unparsable Cert
    - incorporated patch from Milan Kocian to access the location Attribute in the Subject DN
    - incorporated patch from Daniel Kahn Gillmor to parse the names of digests in the SHA-2 family
    - incorporated patch from Daniel Kahn Gillmor to parse/return PGPExtension (keyCreation time)
    - incorporated patch from Daniel Kahn Gillmor to implement the request from Toby Inkster to return public key exponent

0.40 Fri Apr 23 2009 ajung
    - incorporated patch from Joerg-Cornelius Schneider to access ExtKeyUsage
    - incorporated patch from Joerg-Cornelius Schneider to fix parsing DSA/ECDSA signed certificates
    - incorporated patch from Rein Tollevik to fix keyusage parsing on 64bit machines

0.32  Tue Jan 09 2007 ajung
    - fixed problem with not found issuer and subject parts
      (found by Michael Steller)

0.31  Mon Jan 08 2007 ajung
    - included generalTime lookup as fallback for not_after and not_before
      (suggested by Michael Steller)
    - some documentation layout fixups

0.3   Wed Dec 27 2006 gigageek
    - added CRLDistributionPoints2 function
    - updated SubjectAltNames function
    - added BasicConstraints function
    - added CertificatePolicies function
    - added SubjectInfoAccess function
    - added SubjectDirectoryAttributes function
    - added subject_keyidentifier funtion

0.21  Tue Nov 30 2005 ajung
    - removed dependency on Perl 5.8.5

0.2   Tue Aug 25 2005 ajung
    - integrating Convert::ASN1:X509 with Crypt::X509

0.12  (Convert::ASN1:X509) Tue Aug 18 2005 ajung
    - revised the interface: Parser is encapsulated in module, changed test, documentaion, code
    - all needed data access methods implemented
    - put dependency on Convert::ASN.1 into Makefile.PL

0.1   (Convert::ASN1:X509) Tue Aug 16 2005 ajung
    - first draft of documentation
    - built test
    - first implementation

0.01  Sun Jun 12 22:04:15 2005 jacksonm
    - original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
        -X -n Crypt::X509