Revision history for Perl extension Cstools.

3.44 Sat Apr 13 06:32:54 UTC 2019

	Accept different MIME output with new MIME modules.

3.43 Tue Apr 09 14:57:51 UTC 2019

	Removed no-longer-working email address and URL.

	Fix curly bracket escaping, addressing Unescaped left brace in
	regex is deprecated here (and will be fatal in Perl 5.32).

3.42 Fri Oct 18 11:29:40 MET DST 2002

	t/cstocs.t: now skips MIME tests if MIME::Words is not

3.4 Thu Oct 17 13:37:18 MET DST 2002

	Added support for MIME encoding. It requires MIME::Words from
	MIME-Tools, and fixes a few bugs in that code.

3.3 Thu Jul  4 16:23:05 MET DST 2002

	Cz::Cstocs (3.3): removed extra empty line from 1250.enc,
	spotted by Dan Ohnesorg.

	The accent file updated with character names on the right
	side, instead of the character themselves.

	Cstools.spec: updated to match RH 7.0, contributed by Milan
	Kerslager and Ivo Panacek.

	cstocs: removed uninitialized value warning, spotted by Ivo

	Changes: cleanup.

3.2 Fri Jun 21 16:57:08 MET DST 2002

	Cz::Cstocs (3.2): Added the utf8 encoding.

	cstocs: Added the -i option for in-place conversions.
	Version of the distribution bumped to match the version of

0.173 Tue Sep  5 14:38:28 MET DST 2000

	Cz::Cstocs: Added the pc2a encoding that maps semigraphics
	to ASCII art.  Provided by Jaroslav Kozisek, SuSE CR.

0.1772 Thu Aug  3 17:28:38 MET DST 2000

	dbfcstocs.t: test failed if XBase module was not installed,
	found out by Mr. Schinder.

0.1771 Fri Jul 28 17:05:10 MET DST 2000

	dbfcstocs: added the nomemo option.

0.177 Fri Jul 28 16:20:40 MET DST 2000

	dbfcstocs: utility for charset conversion of dbf files added,
	suggested by Radim Gelner.

0.176 Tue May 16 13:12:38 MET DST 2000

	Cz::Sort (0.68): Petr Debef brought the text of CSN 97 6030
	and Cz::Sort (0.68) has been changed to be as compliant as
	possible to it. The changes affected rare diacritised letters
	and some extra marks from the ISO-8859-2 code page.

0.175 Tue May  9 15:10:35 MET DST 2000

	cstocs: Use of uninitialized value fixed, reported by Jan
	Yenya Kasprzak.

0.174 Mon Apr  3 17:58:47 MET DST 2000

	Cz::Sort: workaround for 5.6.0 bug with sort, pointed by Pavel
	Test: workaround for systems that do not understand pipes and

0.172 Sun Feb 13 18:17:22 MET 2000

	Cz::Cstocs: Fixed alias expansion, reported by Tomas Ebenlendr.

0.171 Mon Jul 19 10:36:24 MET DST 1999

	Cstools.spec.dist: the rpm spec file extended, thanks to
	Milan Kerslager.

0.170 Sun Jun 13 17:17:38 MET DST 1999

	Cz::Cstocs: fixed incompatibility introduced by the Exporter
	coming with the 5.004_05* version of Perl, distributed (at
	least) with RH.

0.161 Wed May 19 10:36:54 MET DST 1999
	Cz::Time: fixed error by one in month handling, spotted by
	Lukas Hejtmanek.

0.158 Sun Feb 21 14:06:42 MET 1999

	Cz::Cstocs (3.17): changed error handling: new Cz::Cstocs now
	doesn't die, only returns undef and sets $@, reported by Jan
	Kasprzak. Added note about the typeglob syntax, thanks to Jan
	Krynicky. Added aliases, thanks to Jan Krynicky for making me
	to finaly do this.

0.157 Mon Dec  7 23:05:54 MET 1998

	Cz::Cstocs (3.168): fixed bug that prevented importing
	functions not starting with underline.

0.156 Wed Oct  7 15:01:43 MET DST 1998

	Cz::Cstocs (3.167): Added Chroatian \dj for eth, suggested by
	Dobrica Pavlinusic. Conversion function is now undef clean.

0.155 Mon Aug 17 17:23:03 MET DST 1998

	Cz::Cstocs (3.166): Added mu to accent file. Added possibility
	use Cz::Cstocs '_1250_il2';

0.154 Thu Jul  9 16:05:14 MET DST 1998

	Cz::Cstocs (3.165): Fixed bug that caused ignoring the
	--onebyone flag. Help page of cstocs now lists available

0.153 Tue Mar  3 18:08:12 MET 1998

	Makefile.PL: added bin/cssort to clean, spotted by Milan
	Cz::Cstocs (3.164): fixed to put the first occurence of
	character label to output, spotted by Mirka Misakova.


	Cz::Cstocs: added diacritic_char.

0.151 Thu Dec 11 17:17:02 MET 1997

	cssort: typo fixed typo; tests extended to include calling
	external cssort.

0.15 Tue Nov 25 13:08:20 MET 1997

	Cz::Cstocs (3.162): Added encodings 1525, mac and macce by Marek
	Veber, bugs fixed in 1250, added items to accent file.

	Cz::Time: added utility package Cz::Time by Michael Mraka.

0.149 Thu Nov 20 15:56:37 MET 1997

	Cz::Cstocs (3.161): Bug fix in 1250.enc, 224 changed to racute,
	spotted by Marek Veber.

0.148 Mon Nov 17 17:43:45 MET 1997

	Cz::Sort (0.64): Added script cssort that does Czech sorting on
	input files, has similar options like cut.

0.132 Sun Nov 16 13:38:01 MET 1997

	Cz::Cstocs (3.16): Docs fixed. Cz::Cstocs can now be used with
	conversion function specified, eg.

		use Cz::Cstocs 'il2_ascii';

	will define il2_ascii for immediate use.

0.13 Sat Nov 15 18:12:33 MET 1997

	Cz::Cstocs (3.155): The conversion functions now work on the
	whole list, return depends on context. Encoding tex added.

0.10 Fri Sep 26 23:04:27 MET DST 1997

	Cz::Cstocs (3.13): kam encoding file fixed -- Uacute to Uring
	at 166, spotted by Petr Macháèek.
	cstocs: generation of script cstocs improved, minor bug fixes.
0.08 Thu Jul 31 20:10:31 MET DST 1997

	Cz::Cstocs (3.09): error by one fixed -- spotted by Petr
	Macháèek. The il2 encoding file fixed (rcaron changed to

	Readme in Czech added.

0.05 Fri Jul 11 13:41:43 MET DST 1997

	Namespace Cz:: at CPAN officially registered and the modules
	named Cz::Cstocs and Cz::Sort.

	Cz::Sort: the functions exported are now czsort and czcmp.

	cstocs (3.07): now does the #! substitution when installed
	using make.

0.03 Sun Jul  6 20:41:47 MET DST 1997

	Cstocs (3.06): fixed the problem with handling long options.

	Cssort (0.62): now implemented through cscmp function
	that compares two scalars.

0.02 Wed Jun 18 16:13:20 MET DST 1997

	First version released. Contains modules Cstocs (3.03) and
	Cssort (0.6).

0.01 Sun Jun 15 13:33:44 MET DST 1997

	First Perl version.