Revision history for Perl extension Curio.

0.04 2019-07-15T19:46:01Z

 - The exported function may now be overriden with a custom function.
 - Added export_resource.
 - Restored export_function_name and always_export.
 - Added inject_with_guard.
 - Made the Curio::Role::factory method much faster.
 - Renamed registers_resources to does_registry.
 - More documentation work.
 - Added installs_curio_method.

0.03 2019-05-31T02:59:12Z

 - Started the Curio::Manual.
 - Avoid CPANTS test_prereq_matches_use in permutations.t.
 - Fixed a croakf bug that cause croak to just croak the number
   of arguments passed rather than the error message.
 - The generated fetch() method is now named so that in error
   messages it is named "fetch" instead of "ANON".
 - The generated Curio::Declare functions are now named as well.

0.02 2019-05-10T06:50:59Z

 - Support custom Curio class roles.
 - Add the default_arguments feature.
 - Quite a few typo fixes, rewordings, and reorganizations of the
   main Curio documentation.
 - When a Curio class is initialized a new fetch() method is now
   generated and installed in the Curio class.  This new fetch() is
   faster as it holds a closure to the factory object instead of
   looking it up every time.
 - Suggest a couple optional, but missing, test dependencies for
   permutations.t to run.
 - Switch to the GNU General Public License version 3.

0.01 2019-05-09T00:42:15Z

 - First release.