revision 1.997  locked by: corliss;
date: 2002/11/14 01:30:19;  author: corliss;  state: Exp;  lines: +34 -7
--POD fixes
--Compatibility fix for curses without attr_get/attr_set functions
--Introduction of the multi-column list box
--Fixed VALUE initialisation bug when when in multi-select mode
--Fixed cursor position bug for large jumps down the last (past the
  viewable window)
--Changed arrow placement to go by window bounds to make inherited
  behaviour more predictable
--Added printable character navigation (thanks to Eric Lenio)
--Checking for defined code reference before attempting to execute
--Changed arrow placement to go by window bounds to make inherited
  behaviour more predictable
revision 1.996  locked by: corliss;
date: 2002/11/03 23:25:01;  author: corliss;  state: Exp;  lines: +450 -75
--Added test_colour function
--Added DEFAULTFG and DEFAULTBG scalars
--Removed hard coded black:white colour pair, now detecting
  actual colours
--select_colour now correctly applies terminal default bg colour
  rather than black
--select_colour now accepts any case of colour strings
--_conf method now applies terminal defaults to all standard
  colour keys
--draw method is now a standard handler for all widgets,
  content printing is now done in _content and _cursor
--Border and captions are handled by default in Widgets.pm now,
  with _border and _caption
--Content is now drawn in it's own private derived window,
  removing any need to adjust coordinates for a border
--Added _geometry, _cgeometry, and _canvas methods
--Added _save and _restore to save the window default colours and
--Fixed a few bugs in how textwrap handled and returned trailing
--Changed LENGTH attribute to COLUMNS in applicable widgets
--Removed touchwin calls for more efficient refresh
--Newlines no longer count as a character space in textwrap
All Widgets:
--Removed undef colour keys
--Reworked to work with new Widgets.pm internals
--Added header colour selection support
--VALUE now holds the date the cursor is on in the current calendar
--Fixed bug to allow a user not to select something from the list
--Entire widget is now underlined correctly in non-borderd mode
--VALUE now holds selected items instead of SELECTED
TextField & TextMemo:
--Fixed underline mode to correctly underline entire field, instead
  of just text
--Added regex to accept only printable characters as part of the value
--Fixed bugs in cursor placement and scrolling
revision 1.995	locked by: corliss;
date: 2002/10/22 18:00:23;  author: corliss;  
--Added Menu and Label widgets
--Auto-applying the list length based on list entries was getting lost
  at times in the ComboBox.  Fixed.
--Popup wouldn't show up in the right location on combos on newwins that
  didn't start at 0,0.  Fixed.
--VALUE in ListBox wasn't getting updated.  Fixed.
revision 1.994
date: 2002/10/22 17:56:08;  author: corliss; 
--Added shift+tab support for execute method
--Pod updates
revision 1.993
date: 2002/10/16 06:05:04;  author: corliss;
--Fix for empty lines in textwrap
--Changed _input to input_key
--Various style changes
--Added callback capabilities for year/month/day changes in Calendar
revision 1.100
date: 2001/12/10 10:56:20;  author: corliss;
--Documentation updates
--Using Carp
--Fixed bug that wasn't getting all of the field values in getField
revision 1.99
date: 2001/12/05 09:52:40;  author: corliss;
--Initial revision of new OO class