Revision history for Perl extension D64::Disk::Layout.

0.03  2021-04-24
    - replace "arrayify" method imported from "List::MoreUtils" module with
      plain "map" ("arrayify" was causing some difficult to diagnose issues,
      e.g. "Undefined subroutine &overload::Method called at line

0.02  2021-01-13
    - add a dependency on a specific version of "List::MoreUtils" module
      providing "arrayify" and "zip6" functions
    - update a dependency on "D64::Disk::Layout::Base" module (the latest
      version 0.03 provides "track_data" method to read/write physical track
      data from/into a disk image)

0.01  2021-01-12
    - initial version (provides miscellaneous procedures to access and modify
      entire D64/D71/D81 disk image data)