2011-03-22  2.99

  Patch to remove annoying warnings during global destruction,
  with tests, from Rafael Kitover.

  Implemented more_results().
  Added tests (t/26more.t).

  Small change to table_info(): no need for client-side cursors.

2011-02-04  2.98

  Fixed a 'Missing argument in sprintf at DBD/ADO/GetInfo.pm line 13'.

  Patch for supporting cygwin in Makefile.PL from Rafael Kitover.

  Added a workaround for ADO Providers that don't accept a parameter size 0,
  spotted by Jeff Picklyk.
  Added test (12bind.t).

  Added the CLONE special subroutine, spotted by Jeff Picklyk.

2009-03-22  2.97

  Added tests for bind_param_inout() (t/28sp.t).

  Patch for supporting bind_param_inout() from Peter Mei.

2006-12-17  2.96

  Implemented statistics_info().
  Added tests (t/45ddst.t).

  Fixed bug: Application uses a value of the wrong type for the current
  operation, reported by amonotod.

  Fixed bug: Can't use string ("3") as a HASH ref while "strict refs"
  in use at ADO.pm line 1022, reported by John Derrick.

  Added support for the adExecuteStream option thanks to Luke Bakken.

2005-12-04  2.95

  Changed bind_param() to use an optional ado_size attribute.
  This is a workaround for the SQLOLEDB bug documented earlier.

  Replaced global error variables with handle attributes.

2005-01-30  2.94

  Reworked db/st handle attributes:
  - fetching all the data of a SELECT sets Active off
  - dropped the RowsInCache attribute (ADO doesn't provide this
    information and it was confused with RowCacheSize anyway)
  - added support for the RowCacheSize attribute
  - dropped the User attribute
  - deprecated CursorType, Filter, ADO_Columns, Trim_Catalog
    (use the corresponding ado_* attributes)
  - added ado_ConnectionTimeout and ado_Mode to avoid the abuse of the

  Renamed ADOTEST to DBD_TEST.

2004-10-17  2.93

  Implemented do().

  Changed $sth->DESTROY to call finish( $sth ) instead of $sth->finish.
  The old call caused clearing of errors e.g. in $dbh->do().

  Replaced duplicated code in disconnect() with a call to rollback().

  Minor changes to db/st handle attributes.

  Minor changes to table_info()'s parameter handling.

  Modified tests (t/19misc.t, t/25curs.t) to use bind_param().

  Added INSERT tests (t/12ins_b.t, t/12ins_q.t).

  Documented a SQLOLEDB bug, reported by Vahe Sarkissian.

2004-09-19  2.92

  Enabled and reimplemented LOB tests (t/27lob.t, t/19misc.t).

  Added support for LongReadLen/LongTruncOk.

  Minor changes to the STORE() methods.

  Moved more datatype related stuff into DBD::ADO::TypeInfo.

  Implemented some timeout tests (t/29timeout.t).

  Changed a test in t/14rows.t due to an API change in
  Test::More 0.34 (is()'s undef/'' handling).

  Removed the $sth->{BadAttributeHere} test from t/21sth.t,
  because getting/setting an invalid attribute no longer is
  a fatal error in DBI 1.43.

2004-05-02  2.91

  Adjusted the trace levels in trace_msg().

  Removed disconnect_all().

2004-03-21  2.90

  Changed default for $dbh->{ado_ti_ver} to 2.

2004-02-15  2.89

  Added an alternative implementation for type_info_all(), which is
  enabled if $dbh->{ado_ti_ver} == 2.

2004-02-08  2.88

  Removed $dbh->{ado_provider_auto_commit_comments} and renamed
  $dbh->{ado_provider_support_auto_commit} to $dbh->{ado_txn_capable}.

  Changed $dbh->FETCH to handle only 'ado_'-attributes.

  Replaced duplicated code in DESTROY() with a call to finish().

2004-02-01  2.87

  Fixed a bug when fetching data from a result set with non-unique
  column names, reported by Ed Belisle.

  Removed DBD::ADO::dr::DESTROY.

2004-01-25  2.86

  Added support for $sth->{ParamValues}.

  Added attribute $h->{ado_max_errors} to avoid time-consuming processing
  of huge error collections, suggested by Peter Hircock.

  Removed private attributes from database and statement handles.

2004-01-18  2.85

  Improved error handling to avoid problems with success/informational
  messages, reported by Ed Belisle and Peter Hircock.
  These 'success with information' conditions no longer trigger the normal
  DBI error handling mechanisms.

2004-01-11  2.84

  Reimplemented NULL tests (t/23null.t).

  Fixed a DBD::Proxy related bug, reported by Peter Hircock.
  The execute() method returned a Win32::OLE::Variant object which
  couldn't be restored at the client w/o Win32::OLE.

2003-12-14  2.83

  Added notes about Unicode support thanks to Stefan Ram and Jan Dubois.

  Rearranged some tests.

  Installed ADO-specific method ado_open_schema().

2003-12-07  2.82

  Replaced duplicated code in DESTROY() with a call to disconnect().

  Removed the deprecated Enums() method from DBD::ADO::TypeInfo.

  Added t/02ads.t to test data_sources() (and removed a similar test
  from t/02simple.t).

  Removed type_info() tests from t/17conn.t.

2003-11-30  2.81

  Fixed Makefile.PL to work with strict 1.03 (perl 5.8.1.),
  reported by Eric Thinnes.

  Added ping().
  Added tests for ping() to t/02cxn.t.
  Removed ping() tests from t/15func.t.

  Fixed connect() to set 'Active' on.
  Added a test for the 'Active' flag to t/02cxn.t

  Moved OpenSchema() tests from t/11curs.t into t/04os.t.

2003-11-23  2.80

  Fixed a bug affecting OpenSchema (first row was fetched twice).

  Improved the type handling of bind_param().

2003-11-16  2.79

  Added t/51qi.t to test quoted identifiers (and removed similar
  tests from t/15func.t).

  Added t/07q.t to test quoted values (and removed similar tests
  from t/15func.t).

  Completed the Win32::OLE::Const to DBD::ADO::Const transition.

2003-11-09  2.78

  Modified t/09bind.t to use Test::More.

  Added data_sources().

  Moved some datatype related stuff into DBD::ADO::TypeInfo.

  Win32::OLE::Const is no longer being used (in favor of DBD::ADO::Const).

2003-11-02  2.77

  Added DBD::ADO::Const.

  Moved metadata tests into t/4?dd*.t.

  Fixed significant bug (missing first row after reexecute) and
  added t/12count.t to test row counts.

  Fixed return code of commit(), rollback() and disconnect().

  Fixed warning 'Use of uninitialized value in hash element' at
  DBI.pm line 1799.

2003-10-26  2.76

  Dropped auto-commit emulation (relying on ADO's default behavior
  Fixed errors like 'Command cannot be issued within a transaction'.
  Improved transaction handling (begin_work).

  Added t/31txn.t to test transactions / auto-commit.

  Added t/02cxn.t to test a connection.

2003-10-19  2.75

  Improved error handling.

  Moved get_info() tests from t/15func.t into t/05gi.t and
  added diagnosis output.

2003-10-12  2.74

  Improved prepare/bind_param/execute for providers which
  fail to parse placeholders correctly.

  Modified t/05meth.t to use Test::More.

  Rearranged some tests.

2003-10-05  2.73

  Modified t/17conn.t to avoid an error message on stderr.

  Fixed an error in the creation of the $sth->{TYPE} array.

  Fixed the error ' does not exist in hash', reported by Michael
  The regexp didn't take into account that FoxPro type names
  consist of only one letter.

  Dropped a test in t/23warn.t (and added it to the TODO list).

  Fixed warning 'Use of uninitialized value in numeric ne (!=)' at
  t/15func.t line 233 and 275.

  Fixed warning 'Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.)
  or string' at t/15func.t line 102, 110 and 121.

  Fixed warning 'Use of uninitialized value in join or string' at
  t/15func.t line 242.

  Modified t/01base.t to use Test::More.

  Fixed warning 'unexpected =item directive in paragraph 292' at
  lib/DBD/ADO.pm line 2301.

2003-09-03  2.72

  Moved DBD::ADO::TypeInfo from DBD/ADO.pm to DBD/ADO/TypeInfo.pm.

  Fixed number of tests at t/15func.t.

  Fixed warning 'Use of uninitialized value in string eq' at
  t/02simple.t line 54.

2003-08-31  2.71

  New maintainer: Steffen Goeldner <sgoeldner@cpan.org>.

2003-08-22  2.70

  Bug fix from Yimin Zheng regarding undef/null values passed as
  parameters to bind_param and/or execute. Thanks Yimin.

  Enhancement to Meta Data support from Steffen Goeldner.

  Modified all tests to skip if DBI_DSN is not defined. This should
  allow the automatic CPAN build at ActiveState to create a PPM for

  Did minor clean up in the test and warning messages for uninitialized

2002-11-09  2.60

  So what happened to the notes for 2.6?

2002-04-14  2.50

  Bug fix from Jacqui Caren <jacqui.caren@ig.co.uk>, apply to bind image.

  Meta Data support from Steffen Goeldner, includes:
    table_info (improved)
    ADO to ODBC type conversions (improved).

  Package DBD::ADO::TypeInfo from Steffen Goeldner, however
  none of the current code is using this package, yet.

  Remove temp constants needed until DBI support SQL_* values.

  Added more tests.

2001-10-24  2.40

  Patch for supporting primary_key_info from Steffen Goeldner.

  Fixed bug in function call to openschema thanks to Steffen Goeldner.

  Added support for CursorType.

  Fixed error messages to return more meaningful numbers.

  Fixed Nullable attribute.

  Added more documentation.

  Modified most of the tests to use Test::More.

2001-05-29  2.10

  First CPAN release apart from DBI.

  Version number correction.

  Patch from Simon Oliver: Warning messages from undefined values.

  New maintainer: Thomas Lowery


2001-08-24  1.20

  Removed (unbundled) DBD::ADO from the DBI distribution.

2001-05-29  1.16

  Improvements in error handling from Thomas Lowery.

2001-03-30  1.15

  Many enhancements thanks to Thomas Lowery.

2000-06-11  1.14

  Added table_info() thanks to Thomas Lowery.

  Improved type_info_all() thanks to Thomas Lowery.

1999-07-12  1.13

  Improved data fetch performance.

  Added GetTypeInfo() thanks to Thomas Lowery.

1999-06-29  1.12

  Fixed significant bug (fetch skipped first row).

1999-06-17  1.11

  Fixed missing namespace (qualified Variant() with Win32::OLE).

1999-05-26  1.09

  Added variable to precompute VT_I4 | VT_BYREF.

1999-05-13  1.08

  Many enhancements thanks to Phlip and others.

1999-01-04  1.05

  Improved connect() thanks to Phlip.

1999-01-01  1.03

  First (very experimental) public release as part of DBI.