Release 1.18

    Fix further issues with FreeTDS.
    Improved error handling for numeric/decimal values.
    Fix logic error in the finish() call when syb_flush_finish is enabled.

Release 1.17

    Fix various longstanding build issues with FreeTDS and/or MS-SQL
    Update CPAN metadata to reflect github repo

Release 1.16

    Fix buffer overflow with ASE 16.x

Release 1.15

    Minor fixes to allow building on Windows.
    Fixed syntax error at compile time for some compilers
    Allow database names with special chars in the name.
    Change to ct_data_info() to flag an error in case the CS_IODESC returned
    doesn't include a valid text pointer - this happens if the text/image column
    is nullable and has not been initialized in the database.
Release 1.14

    Fix bad size handling for unicode data. 
    Remove default charset setting to utf8 (this had been done in 1.11 as part of
    improved utf8 handling, but has negative side-effects. If unicode handling is needed
    then set "charset=utf8" as part of the connection string.
    Enforce the fact that utf8/unicode handling only works with OpenClient 15.x or later.

Release 1.13

    Fix for incorrect UTF8 handling when retrieving UNICODE data (Jean-Pierre Rupp).

Release 1.12

    Bug/Typo/Compatibility fixes with various versions of OpenClient.
    Experimental: Handle in/out parameters (Merijn Broeren)
Release 1.11

    Remove reliance on PERL_POLLUTE.
    Add better support for utf8 (Dave Rolsky)
Release 1.10

    Handle 15.x datatypes correctly.
    Add LONGMS date format symbol to handle microseconds for bigdatetime.
    Add support for CS_LONGCHAR_TYPE (Mark Aufflick)
    Document syb_isdead().
    Handle 64bit builds with FreeTDS (Ian Grant/Hans Kristian Rosbach)
    Add foreign_key_info & statistics_info (Jim Radford)
    Change behavior of large fixed precision numeric types (money, bigint)
    to be converted to a string internally and returned as such to the caller
    (behavior similar to numeric/decimal). This can be reverted to the old behavior 
    by defining SYB_NATIVE_NUM.

Release 1.09

    Behavior change: A new connection level attribute (syb_disconnect_in_child)
    has been added to allow automatical handling of InactiveDestroy across
    forks. By default in 1.09 a connection will NOT get closed if the process
    ID of the process that is exiting is not the same as the PID of the
    process that created the connection.
    Detect ASE error 5702 (The server is terminating this process) as a fatal
    error for the connection.
    Bug Fixes
    645 - Spurious COMMIT calls sent to the dataserver during the login/connect calls.
    628 - Increase size of Kerberos Principal string buffer
    627 - Spurious sigset_t declaration.

Release 1.08

	Detect missing libblk.a library, and disable the BLK api calls
	if necessary.
	Added code to force dlopen() to use RTLD_GLOBAL.
	Corrected ct_option() functionality detection.
	Fixed incorrect handling of bind_params() (Thanks to Tim Bunce).
	Added serverType DSN parameter.
	Added tds_keepalive DSN parameter.
	Fixed incorrect handling of multiple result sets with DBI
	1.53 and later.
	Re-wrote $dbh->ping() in C, it's now four times faster.
	Allow automated build without prompts.
	Improved nsql().
	Added corrected handling of DATE and TIME values (ASE 12.5.2 and later).
	Added handling of UNSIGNED INT and BIGINT (ASE 15 and later).
	Added PERL_NO_GET_CONTEXT #define.

        Bug Fixes
	624 - Empty strings incorrectly passed as NULL.
	616 - Spurious error message when the login request times out.
	614 - Documentation improvement for syb_xxx methods.
	610 - Segfault when using signals with the threaded libraries and
	      perl >= 5.8.

Release 1.07

	Changed the t/xblk.t test to lookup the charset used by the 
        server and specify this in the connect() string. This should
        avoid failures when the client and server uses charsets of
        different sizes (utf8 vs. iso_1, for example).
	Better error reporting when the connection data is incorrect 
	for the test scripts.
	Modified $dbh->ping() slightly.

        Bug Fixes

	604 - Add missing mode parameter to mkdir in t/xblob.t
	606 - Memory leak in the BLK API.

Release 1.06

	Fix off-by-one error for ISO date format.
	Clear error/warning when connecting to a Replication Server.
        Fix AutoCommit "off" behavior when CHAINED mode is turned off.
        Fix $dbh->begin_work() behavior.

        Note: This version fails 4 tests in t/xblk.t when building
        against the 15.0 Beta OCS libraries.
        Bug Fixes

	582 - ISO date formatting off by one for months.
	591 - NUM_OF_PARAMS isn't handled properly
        593 - Connection can become unusable due a bug in 
	597 - Prepared stored procs with placeholders return
	      corrupted recordset on second fetch.
        599 - The call to "prepare" also executes the statement.
        600 - $sth->finish sometimes fails to properly clean up the

Release 1.05

        BEHAVIOR CHANGE - $dbh->{LongReadLen} must now be called
	before $dbh->prepare(). Previously you could call this after
	the $dbh->prepare() but before the $sth->execute().

        Install private statement handle methods for TEXT/IMAGE handling
        to avoid $h->func() calls, and update documentation.
        Implement experimental BLK API via prepare/execute loop.
	Change default "AutoCommit" off mode from explicit transactions
	to using the "chained" mode if it is available.
	Add $sth->syb_describe() call, taken from Sybase::CTlib's 
	Add ISO8601 date/time format for output.
	Fix $sth->finish() behavior when syb_flush_finish is turned on.
	Changed do { } while($sth->{syb_more_results}); idiom to use
	redo instead.
	Better/more consistent handling of multiple sth on a single dbh,
        and new test file.

	Bugs Fixed:

	580 - Binding binary/varbinary values to placeholders sometimes
	575 - Fails three tests under Tru-64.
	577 - perl Makefile.PL fails if umask is 0.
        578 - Better warning for calling $dbh->{LongReadLen} if $dbh is busy.
        572 - Minor documentation update for bind_param().

Release 1.04

	Bugs Fixed:

	566 - $sth->{NAME} fails right after prepare().

Release 1.03

	Added linking of threaded Sybase libs if perl is built with
	threading turned on.
	Added CLONE() method.
	Minor changes to dbdimp.c to be thread-safe.
	Added t/thread.t test script.
	Changes to Makefile.PL to make configuration easier.
	Add support for Kerberos-based network login.
	Handle new library names (libsybct vs. libct).
        Make sure that cached statement handle attributes (NAME_lc, etc)
	are cleared when multiple result sets are processed.
	Add host and port connection properties, to allow connections
        to ASE servers that are not defined in the interfaces file
        (requires OCS 12.5.1)
	Add ability to dynamically increase the maximum number of 
	connections (thanks to Ed Avis).
	Add ability to ignore stored proc return status in nsql() (thanks
	to Merijn Broeren)
	Fix Makefile.PL umask() issue on Win32 (thanks to Darin Delegal).

	Bugs Fixed:

	541 - $sth->{NAME} fails right after prepare().
	551 - Tests fail when using perl 5.6.1.
	556 - Add support for user-supplied SSL certificate file.
	557 - type_info_all broken with ASE 11.0.x
	562 - syb_flush_finish doesn't work during the connect() phase.
	563 - Memory leak when syb_binary_images is set.

Release 1.02

	Added syb_server_version attribute. This is filled in at connect()
        time with the numeric version number (, 12.5.1, etc) of the
        server that you are connected to.

	Bugs Fixed:

	520 - t/exec.t fails on Win32.
	533 - logic error in deadlock retry in nsql().
	532 - t/xblob.t test provides false positive for win32.
	534 - Placeholder prepare() fails with ASE 11.0.x

Release 1.01

	Automatically finish() statement handles if they are re-executed
        before all the rows have been fetched.
	Added support for new tables() syntax, thanks to Stephen Wilcoxon.
	Added support for DATE and TIME datatypes (available in the 
	ASE 12.5.1 release, currently undergoing beta testing).
	Allow user to specify a database to use for the tests instead of 
	using "tempdb" (useful if user does not have SA privileges).
	Bugs Fixed:

	517 - getpwnam() isn't portable.
	493 - Second execute on a prepared handle fails.
	487 - Add connection information to error messages.
	407 - Second+ statement does not use db from "use database".

Release 1.00

	Added data_sources().
        Allow "SQL_BINARY" placeholder parameters to be passed either
        as a hex string (with or without leading 0x), or as raw binary

	Bugs Fixed:

	477 - segfault when servermsg_cb is called with a null connection
	480 - Makefile.PL searches system dirs before PERL5LIB dirs when 
              looking for DBI installation.
	485 - Incorrect handling of large varbinary columns on fetches.
	489 - (same as 497, see below).
	492 - Can't compile on Win2k.
	494 - Do not try to use the ocs.cfg file if it exists.
	495 - Incorrect handling of parameters when using placeholders &
              stored procs.
        497 - implicit type conversions with prepared statements often fail
	503 - Binary placeholders with stored procedures.
	506 - Default scriptName/hostname connect() params.
	508 - DBD::Sybase doesn't build under Win2k.

Release 0.95

        Support for building DBD::Sybase in 64 bit mode with the
        64 bit version of OpenClient on Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, etc.
        (note that perl itself must also be built in 64 bit
        mode for this to work!)

	Added column_info() method.

	Added G_EVAL flag to syb_err_handler calls.
	Improved syb_err_handler handling (thanks to Matthew Persico)
        Fixed memory leak when opening additional connections for multiple
        statement handles on a single database handle (thanks to Stefan
        Applied minor patch by Alex Fridman to get to build on WinNT.
	Force a ct_cancel() if, due to syb_do_proc_status, we force a 
	failure on a request that could have more results pending (Blaise 
	Added syb_cancel_request_on_error attribute (see bug 471).
	Warning - the default value for this attribute changes the behavior
	of $sth->execute() when there is a failure that is detected in
	multi-statement requests.
	Added syb_bind_empty_string_as_null attribute (see bug 446) to
	allow user configurable empty string binding semantics (convert
	to single space [default] or to NULL).

	Bugs Fixed:

	431 - fetchrow_hashref() has incorrect keys when retrieving
              multiple result sets.
        437 - imp_sth->numRows in st_next_result not always set.
	444 - Incorrect example for ct_get_data(). ct_get_data() SEGV
              if passed a non-reference for $image.
        394 - $sth->{CursorName} fails hard.
	449 - ct_get_data() limited to 32k
	450 - Fix incorrect NULLABLE handling.
	452 - Incorrect $sth->finish() handling in syb_flush_finish mode
              (thanks to Steve Willer).
        443 - $sth->fetch produces error if called after $sth->execute on
	      statement that doesn't return any rows.
	411 - statement handle attributes do not change between result sets.
	430 - $dbh->prepare can return undef without triggering RaiseError.
	436 - Problems with make test generating errors creating 
	441 - amadmin who,sqm fails while in a transaction.
	446 - Empty string converts to a space (fixed by making this
	448 - define strncasecmp as strnicmp for Win32 systems.
	454 - syb_err_handler won't catch connect-time error.
	456 - ping still fails if connection is dead.
	461 - Memory leak if NOT using placeholders in selects and
	      calling execute() multiple times.
	464 - Binding an empty string for a date field causes "1/1/1900"
              to be inserted (instead of NULL).
	469 - nsql error handling bug.
	447 - syb_db_disconnect(): ct_con_drop() failed.
	471 - Certain class of errors isn't detected by DBD::Sybase.

        Documentation changes to explain why 
         ... WHERE (product_code = ? OR (? IS NULL AND product_code IS NULL))
        doesn't work with Sybase.

Release 0.94

        Added optional SQL buffer argument to syb_err_handler.
	Interactive setting of user/server/pwd entries in PWD
	for "make test".
	Add syb_failed_db_fatal and syb_no_child_con attributes.

	Bugs Fixed:

	408 - Add the YYYYMMDD format to _date_fmt().
	414 - Binding '' is interpreted as NULL.
	415 - Fix buffer overlow in syb_db_login().
	418 - Fix incorrect handing of CS_CANCELED return code in 
        421 - ActiveState patches.

Release 0.93

	Added password encryption option to connect() request (contributed
        by Tin Martone)
        Added initial nsql().
	Added ct_get_data(), ct_send_data() and friends func().
	Added ?-style placeholder support for exec proc statements.
	Changed getExtraLibs() in Makefile.PL to *not* link with -linsck
	or -ltli (this avoids problems if the $SYBASE/config/libtcl.cfg
	file has been set to load the threaded version of these
        Added support for primary_key_info().
        (release 0.92 was never publicly released for various reasons)

        Bugs Fixed:
	366    ping() fails if connection has been marked dead
	364    t/fail.t bug.

Release 0.91

	Removed artificial 1024 byte limit on char/varchar datatypes in 
	result sets.

	Bug Fixes:

	213: BLOBs are returned in HEX, not binary.

Release 0.90

        Release number sequence change: I'm dropping the "alpha" qualifier
        and I expect to release 1.00 fairly soon.

	Small Makefile.PL fix for Sybase 12.0 installation directory 
	Applied patch from Tim Ayers to allow 0x type formatting for
	binary data fetches (similar to what Sybase::CTlib and 
	Sybase::DBlib allow).
	Fixed some t/ scripts to not fail when run against MS-SQL.
	Corrected the handling of timeout events in the client

	Bug Fixes:

	349: CS_NUMERIC bindings for ?-style placeholders fails for large 
       	345: Dynamic statement ids get re-used.
	351: prepared statements with placeholders cause handle to become 
	     unusable if *first* execute fails.
	352: ping() doesn't work right in Apache::DBI (thanks to
	     Kiriakos Georgiou)
	353: syb_quoted_identifier doesn't work.
	354: Calling fetch() after prepare() but no execute() fails with 
	     internal DBI error. This should also fix bug # 278 and 288.
	297: type_info() returns incorrect or no data.
	344: timeout doesn't work correctly.

Release 0.23

	Bug Fixes:

	331: ? marks in comments are parsed as placeholders.
	343: Errors in stored procs cause data rows from proc to be
	     thrown away.
	255: $dbh->execute does not fail it executing proc without

Release 0.22

	Bug Fixes:

	271: execute() does not restart a transaction after a rollback
             or commit when running multiple execute() calls for the 
	     same statement handle.
	294: SEGV on executing a prepared statement with undef values.
	295: SEGV due to printf w/ null pointer
	299: Missing dTHR in syb_st_prepare().

Release 0.21

	Added constant() function, so that if DBD::Sybase is use'd you 
	can access some CS_xxx_RESULT constants.
	Added $sth->func('syb_output_params') to allow for easier
	retrieval of stored proc OUTPUT parameters.
	Added syb_do_proc_status database attribute to allow $sth->execute
	to handle stored procedure return status directly, and to fail if
	the stored proc has a non-0 return status. This should also fix 
	bug 255.
	Errors with severity 10 or below are not stored in $DBI::err 
	anymore. Use $dbh->{syb_err_handler} to get at those warning
	Added t/fail.t test script to better test failure modes.
	Setting AutoCommit on a $dbh with active statement handles is now 
	a fatal error.

	Bug Fixes:

	255: Memory leak for prepared statements that are not executed.
	264: make test fails when building DBD::Sybase against
	     OpenClient 10.x.
	266: make test fails when building DBD::Sybase with perl 5.004_04
	     or earlier.
	268: $sth->execute(x,y,z) (ie executing a prepare'd statment that
	     has ?-style placeholders) does not return undef if a
	     constraint violation occurs on the insert/update/delete.

Release 0.20

	Fix code to allow prepare, execute, execute, execute... on 
	statements that don't include ?-style placeholders.
	Fix LENGTH/PRECISION/SCALE $sth attributes to be closer to the
	DBI spec.
	Fix core dump problem when binding undef values and having 
	trace >= 2.
	Add syb_quoted_identifier connection/database handle attribute.
	Add syb_oc_version read-only database handle attribute, returns the 
	Sybase library version that this binary is currently using.
	Added the syb_rowcount $dbh attribute.
	Added $sth->cancel().
	Call the syb_err_handler (if one is defined) for client-side

Release 0.19

	Setting chained/non-chained mode was still broken. <sigh>
	syb_flush_finish mode didn't quite work right either.
	Added more verbose traces.

Release 0.18

	Add $h->{syb_chained_txn} attribute to switch between CHAINED
	transactions and explicit named transactions for AutoCommit=0
	mode. The default is for syb_chained_txn to be off (ie 0.13 behaviour).
	Fixed typo in syb_db_commit() to actually commit instead of doing
	a rollback.
	Added an autocommit.t test (which still needs some work).
	Disable opening new connection for secondary $sth handles off of a
	single $dbh handle when AutoCommit == 0.

Release 0.17

	Fix AutoCommit = 0 problems introduced with 0.15 for MS-SQL or older
	Sybase server (ie TDS 4.x protocol connections).
	Add syb_dynamic_supported $dbh attribute to check whether the 
	connection supports ?-style placeholders.

Release 0.16

	Added code to define PL_xxx symbols for pre 5.005 perls.
	New syb_flush_finish attribute (contributed by Steve Miller).
	Patch to Makefile.PL for VMS systems.
	Better library detection code in Makefile.PL.

Release 0.15

	Added an error handler callback which can intercept error messages
	and provide ad-hoc handling of error situations.
	In AutoCommit == 0 mode, use CS_OPT_CHAINXACTS mode on the 
	server instead of issuing explicit transactions.
	$dbh->LongReadLen and LongTruncOK now work.
	First cut at the type_info() and type_info_all() methods.
	perl Makefile.PL now attempts to discover the libraries directly
	based on what it finds in $SYBASE/lib.

Release 0.14

	Added a 'timeout' connection attribute (contributed by Tom May) 
	to handle timeout errors during normal processing.
	SQL PRINT statements are now handled by a warn() call (instead
	a printf() call) so that they can be caught by a __WARN__ handler.
        Make sure $dbh->do() returns immediately when an error is encountered.
	Include dbd-sybase.pod (Tim Bunce's Driver Summary for DBD::Sybase).

Release 0.13

	Bug fix release - binding undef (NULL) variables when using
	? style placeholders didn't work.
	Incorrect login didn't get flagged properly (this bug was
	introduced in 0.11.)
	Added database attribute to the connect() call.

Release 0.12

	Bug fix release - recent versions of DBI make an array that
	DBD::Sybase uses read-only, causing errors when multiple
	result sets are retrieved where the second result set is wider 
	(has more columns) than the first one.

Release 0.11

	Adds support for multiple $sth for a single $dbh (this is done 
	by openeing a new connection in prepare() if the previously
	prepared statement is still active.
	Add support for date formatting via $dbh->func($fmt,
	Added two new connect attributes: scriptName and
	hostname. Setting these can help identify processes in the
	Sybase sysprocesses table.

Release 0.10

	Fixes stupid Makefile.PL bug.
	Fixes incorrect freeing of memory when mixing prepare() 
	statements with ? placeholders and prepare() statements
	without them.

Release 0.09


	Added $sth->{syb_result_type} which returns the numerical
	value of the current result set. The values are defined
	in $SYBASE/include/cspublic.h.
	Made $sth->{TYPE} compatible with generic DBI values, and
	added $sth->{syb_types} to get the native Sybase types.
	Added $dbh->tables and $dbh->table_info.

	Finally got rid of the "Use of uninitialized value" message 
	in connect() (thanks to Tom May for this)

	Fixed at least some of the memory leaks (thanks to Bryan Mawhinney)

	Added Sybase specific do() sub that will handle multiple result

	Added $dbh->{syb_show_sql} and $dbh->{syb_show_eed} to add more
	control to error reporting.

	Implemented $dbh->ping() method (first cut - may need improvement!)

	Bug Fixes:

	244: fetch gets infinite loop on sproc error
	246: extended error messages go to STDOUT.

Release 0.08


	Added ? placeholder processing. This is done by calling ct_dynamic() 
	and friends if the statement being executed includes ? type 

	Bug Fixes:

	210: print statements are lost
	231: error messages are lost
	238: reformat error messages
	241: remove the necessity for users to call $sth->finish

Release 0.07
	Bug fixes:

	204: One form of DBI->connect() fails when specifying the server name.
	211: $dbh->do("use database") fails with RaiseError is true.
	230: fetch() does not return correct results for certain stored
	     procs situations.

Release 0.06

	Added ability to specify interfaces file in the connect() 
	Added eg/ (ported from Sybase::DBlib).
	Fixed incorrect handling of AutoCommit and PrintError
	attributes to connect().

	Bugs fixed:

	203: Executing sp_helprotect fails.

Release 0.05

	Added explicit assignement of LDDLFLAGS and LDFLAGS in 
	Makefile.PL to make sure that -L$SYBASE/lib comes first
	in the list of -L flags.
	Added documentation.
	Added ability to specify character set, language, packet size
	in the connect() call.
	Small Win32 portability patch to Makefile.PL from Matt Herbert.

        Bugs fixed:

	198: connect failure does not return undef
	199: DBD::Sybase interaction with Apache::DBI 0.74

Release 0.04

	Fixed counting of active statement handles.
	Add implicit rollback of open transactions on disconnect.
	Add implicit commit when changing AutoCommit from off to on.

Release 0.03
	First ALPHA release of native DBD::Sybase implementation.

Release 0.02

	Some fixes to the emulation layer.

Release 0.01

	Proof of concept release - built as an emulation layer on top
	of Sybase::CTlib (part of sybperl 2.x).