2011-11-03 Patrick Galbraith <patg@patg.net> (0.304)
* Fixed Makefile.PL to be smarter, more convenient in how it obtains include 
  and library paths, as well as user info
2011-02-24 Patrick Galbraith <patg@patg.net> (0.303)
* Fixed various tests that fail due to error "Transactional DDL not supported"
* Fixed is_auto_increment handle parameter which needed to be interpolated
  from 'YES' to 1, which is automatically now set to 1
* Other code cleanups

2010-10-26 Patrick Galbraith <patg@patg.net> (0.302)
* Bumped version as it was not bumped previously.

2010-09-14 Patrick Galbraith <patg@patg.net> (0.301)
* Removed drizzle_refresh call from drizzle.xs
* Removed non-C90 declarations
* Extensive work on column_info to work with I_S and data_dictionary 
  instead of using 'describe' or 'show' commands
* Removed old drop_schema() and create_schema() commands (these are what
  mysqladmin used to use). These should need to be reimplemented locally

2009-08-05 Patrick Galbraith <patg@patg.net> (0.300)

* Fixed how error is raised in dbd_st_internal_execute. Problem with 
  drizzle_con_errno(), perhaps to be fixed in later versions 
  of libdrizzle
* Fixed warnings in compile
* Fixed insert test

2009-06-22 Patrick Galbraith <patg@patg.net> (0.200)
* Fixed broken tests
* Fixed bind_type_guessing to work as it does in DBD::mysql
* Added missing insert_id database handle attribute fetching
* Added several tests that were missing that exist in DBD::mysql
* Removed extra cruft from lib.pl
* Fixed hash-key retrieval for connection options
* Fixed double-free of imp_dbh->result in dbd_st_destroy

2009-04-23 Clint Byrum <clint@fewbar.com>, Patrick Galbraith <patg@patg.net> (0.100)
* Working with libdrizzle! All tests pass on both Linux and OS X

2009-01-16 Patrick Galbraith <patg@patg.net> (0.003)
* More tests working, though some give out of memory
* Last version with this client lib, switchng to Eday's lib next
* Ripped out even more cruft
* Major work on types struct from hell

2008-11-19 Patrick Galbraith <patg@patg.net> (0.002)

* Working!
* Removed all server prepared statement code
* Changed data types to new DRIZZLE_xx types, removed those that have been chopped
* Much debugging, cruft cleanage

2008-7-21 Patrick Galbraith <patg@patg.net> (0.001)

* First Version