2012-01-12 Ivan Baktsheev <dot.and.thing@gmail.com>

	Release 0.24
	fixed bug with newly created records

2011-06-14 Ivan Baktsheev <dot.and.thing@gmail.com>

	Release 0.23
	fixed issues with auto decode/encode data fields
	fixed oracle package
	now test completes on mysql and postgresql

2011-04-14 Ivan Baktsheev <dot.and.thing@gmail.com>

	Release 0.22
	completely rewritten
	now contains values, fetched from db
	new object interface
	embed emulation
	many minor improvements
2011-03-27 Ivan Baktsheev <dot.and.thing@gmail.com>

	Release 0.21
	restored lost 0.20 release
	added simplified interface for collection

2010-07-27 Ivan Baktsheev <dot.and.thing@gmail.com>

	Release 0.20 
	various fixes with virtual packages
	new select/update/delete mechanism
	using vendor aware sql/code
	removed test packages - now we use virtual packages in tests

2010-06-24	Ivan Baktsheev <dot.and.thing@gmail.com>

	Release 0.19
	fixed issue with autoconversion

2010-06-22	Ivan Baktsheev <dot.and.thing@gmail.com>

	Release 0.18
	mainly fix for (auto) encode/decode data fields
	also fixed timezone for time::piece

2010-04-05	Ivan Baktsheev <dot.and.thing@gmail.com>

	Release 0.17
	fix for oracle table name redefinition, varchar2 issue
	fix for virtual entity
2010-01-17	Ivan Baktsheev <dot.and.thing@gmail.com>

	Release 0.16
	fix for tests

2010-01-16	Ivan Baktsheev <dot.and.thing@gmail.com>

	Release 0.15
	minor fix
	added parametrized group by, order by and limit/offset sql support
	new collection method, 'records', to avoid noise of 'list'

2010-01-10	Ivan Baktsheev <dot.and.thing@gmail.com>

	Release 0.14
	reliable dump_fields_include
	basic support for fieldset fetch support

2009-11-01	Ivan Baktsheev <dot.and.thing@gmail.com>

	Release 0.13
	added nullable and default properties for column/field description

2009-10-30	Ivan Baktsheev <dot.and.thing@gmail.com>

	Release 0.12
	fix issue when no primary key in table

2009-10-30	Ivan Baktsheev <dot.and.thing@gmail.com>

	Release 0.11
	Project::Easy integration fixes

2009-06-01	Ivan Baktsheev <dot.and.thing@gmail.com>

	Release 0.09
	Fix for oracle sequencers
	Added Helper package for various helping tasks

2009-05-20	Ivan Baktsheev <dot.and.thing@gmail.com>

	Release 0.08

	Added more support for Oracle:
		Fix for pimary key info
		Added support for fetch sequence currval after insert 
			(because support for last_insert_id is unavailable)
	Now all fields prefixed with underscore treated as sql.
		Bindings for these fields is available as sql named placeholders
		Named placeholders converted to ? because lack of support in mysql
	All DATE, DATETIME and TIMESTAMP(?:\(\d+\))? fields automatically converted
		before send to database and after fetch from database
		Oracle suport is available only when developer manually sets NLS_DATE_FORMAT
	Time::Piece now required for installation
	Removed patches for old DBD::SQLite

2009-05-04	Ivan Baktsheev <dot.and.thing@gmail.com>

	Release 0.05

	Added partial support for Oracle
	Added support for handled fetch
	Extended SQL support 

2009-03-15	Ivan Baktsheev <dot.and.thing@gmail.com>

	Release 0.02

	Fixed tests

2009-02-11	Ivan Baktsheev <dot.and.thing@gmail.com>

	Release 0.1

	Initial revision