Revision history for Perl extension DBIx::Admin::DSNManager.

2.01  Mon Mar 10 13:30:55 2014
	- Add Test::Version to the pre-reqs.
	- Remove FindBin from pre-reqs.
	- Remove scripts/

2.00  Thu Mar  6 09:45:07 2014
	- Replace /usr/bin/perl with /usr/bin/env perl.
	- Replace common::sense with use strict and use warnings, to get uninit var warnings.
	- Rename CHANGES to Changes as per CPAN::Spec::Changes.
	- Move t/pod.t to xt/author/.
	- Add t/version.t.
	- Switch from Hash::FieldHash to Moo. But not Moops - I don't need that level of complexity.
	- If file_name is provided to new(), it is not checked for absolute/relative (it never was), but rather
		it is just used as provided. This means stop using File::HomeDir.
		If file_name is not provided to new(), default to 'dsn.ini'.
		This also means stop using Try::Tiny. That is now up to the user of this module.
	- The our variable $errstr has been removed. All errors die with a message.
	- Clean up handling of situations when the user does not specify any value for various attributes.
		Previously, these were assumed to exist and/or not set properly when a file was written.
	- Add use strict and use warnings to Build.PL and Makefile.PL.
	- Newsflash: DBIx::Admin::CreateTable and DBIx::Admin::DSNManager are now used for the author's testing of

1.00  Mon Nov 15 17:54:00 2010
	  - Original version.