Revision history for DBIx-Async

0.003     2015-02-01 15:28:01+00:00 Europe/London
	No new features.

	Bug fixes:
	* Futures returned are also retained locally, allowing things to work in void context
	* Clean up some debugging output, use ->debug_printf to tie in with existing IO::Async debugging system

	* Uses Variable::Disposition for retain_future

0.002     2014-01-13 09:34:38+00:00 Europe/London
	No new features.

	Bug fixes:
	* Minimum Future version is 0.21, for ->is_done
	* Don't assume DBD::SQLite is available (was being loaded in DBIx::Async::Worker::SQLite compilation tests)
	* Don't special-case sqlite setup (WAL journal etc.)

0.001     2014-01-12 19:09:03+00:00 Europe/London
	Initial CPAN release