Revision history for DBIx-Class-I18NColumns

0.15    09/28/2010
        Don't copy sqlt_deploy_hook() to the autogenerated table.

0.14    09/27/2010
        Added overwritable method auto_resultset_class() to let users write
        their own resultset classes.
        Author tests moved to xt/.
        Better docs.

0.13    05/08/2010
        I'm retarded and forgot to add new files to MANIFEST, just that :(

0.12    05/08/2010
        Fixed bug prevented find() to work on some cases.

0.11    05/07/2010
        Propagate language to relationships with
        RS that also use I18NColumns.
        Keep last used language as a fallback to be used when calling 
        a method that need language and it is not explicitly defined
        (needed to propagate to "relations" provided by many_to_many).

0.10    05/03/2010
        Docs for row attribute language(). 
        Overloaded get_from_storage() to transfer language
        when row->discard_changes() is called.

0.09    04/13/2010
        Using DBIx::Class::Core as base instead of load module.
        Added sqlt as ia test dependency.

0.08    04/12/2010
        Getting out ForceUTF8(deprecated) dependency.

0.07    04/05/2010
        Let i18n fields be undef or empty string on set.

0.06    04/05/2010
        Overloaded insert() to manage language.
        Overloaded ResultSet::new_result to be able to set i18n columns 
        on rs->new({}).
0.05    04/02/2010
        Propagate sqlt_deploy_hook to the auto-created resultsource.
        Create a new column on the rs to make dirty when a i18n related
        row is dirty (and also use this column to cache languages).
0.04    03/30/2010
        Hard changes to the way 18n related RS works. Now
        the auto-created RS has one column per defined one.
        Docs updated.
        More tests.

0.03    03/24/2010
        Added parent as a dependency.
        Better order in docs.

0.02    03/24/2010
        Overloaded all() to propagate language to rows.
        Better docs and a TODO section.

0.01    03/23/2010
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.