Revision history for DBIx-Class-Weborama-Validation

0.16    2017-05-15
        Edit manifest to add missing file for tests

0.15    2017-05-11
        Add validation_ascii and enhance error management

0.14    2017-04-21
        Add some validation function and allow to define validation on schema definition

0.11    2012-02-03
        Include the name of the class when reporting validation failures
        Factor out the duplicate try/catch blocks

0.10    2012-02-03
        A string overloading to the VException
        Wrap some long POD lines
        Add github repo to meta information

0.05    2011-03-03, Nicolas Oudard
        Makefile to Build
        Update dependencies

0.04    2011-02-09, Nicolas Oudard
        delete dependencies of sqlite3

0.01    2010-12-01
        First version