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DBIx::DBO2::Docs::Changes - Revision History


Revision history for DBIx::DBO2:

Version 0.008

2004-04-04 Released to CPAN as DBIx-DBO2-0.008.tar.gz.

2004-04-03 Fixed use of deprecated DBIx::SQLEngine::Criteria::StringEquality package; thanks to Robert Rothenberg for the bug report.

Version 0.007

2004-03-30 Released to CPAN as DBIx-DBO2-0.007.tar.gz.

2004-03-30 Expunged old schema classes in favor of DBIx::SQLEngine::Schema.

2004-03-26 Continued updates to work with DBIx::SQLEngine version 0.018.

2004-03-23 Beginning updates to work with DBIx::SQLEngine version 0.016.

2004-03-23 Moved POD files to a new Docs directory.

Version 0.006

2002-04-29 Released to CPAN as DBIx-DBO2-0.006.tar.gz.

2002-04-19 Addition of more types, rounding out range of calculated_ fields.

Version 0.005

2002-03-23 Distribution DBIx-DBO2-0.005.tar.gz.

2002-03-12 Addition of more field types, including first calculated_ fields.

2002-03-01 Fixed stringable_hash's run-time requires. Fixed missing parentheses in Field type storable_hash.

Version 0.004

2002-03-01 Released to CPAN as DBIx-DBO2-0.004.tar.gz.

2002-03-01 Minimize field-specific dependencies via run-time requires.

2002-02-19 Additional tweaks to Fields storable_hash.

2002-02-14 Added Record install_hooks method to simplify hook sub creation.

2002-02-13 Added Field types: storable_hash, stringified_hash.

2002-02-01 Added binary Field type.

2002-01-31 Fixed line_items fetch criteria.

Version 0.003

2002-01-31 Released to CPAN as DBIx-DBO2-0.003.tar.gz.

2002-01-31 Added comparison with other CPAN modules to ReadMe.

2002-01-26 Simon: Corrected Fields::alias(). Corrected Record's check of hooks before deletion and insertion. Added interfaces to Fields::line_items for cascade_delete, restrict_delete, and nullify_delete interfaces.

Version 0.002

2002-01-25 Simon: Corrected dependency; we require DBIx-SQLEngine-0.003. Eliminated pointless dependency on Perl 5.6.

Version 0.001

2002-01-21 Simon: Now using Composite::Inheritable hooks for post_fetch, etc.

2002-01-17 Simon: Update of Fields to use new version of Class::MakeMethods.

2002-01-15 Created centralized Changes and ToDo files.

2002-01-15 Added ColumnSet->as_hashes to simplify SQLEngine interface.

2001-12-01 Moved Adaptor and SQLWriter functionality to DBIx::SQLEngine.

2001-06-29 Updates.

2001-06-28 Moved query generation to SQLWriter.

2001-06-27 Moved to DBIx::DBO namespace. Flattened class hierarchy; we're only going to support SQL. Expunged old code. Switched to Class::MakeMethods


2001-05-04 Simon: Expunged Table's old dependency on

2001-04-10 Piglet: Added @_ to Record save method.

2001-04-09 Simon: Added line_items attrib: default_criteria=>[field=>value,...]

2001-03-07 Simon: added support for criteria in call to count_rows.

2001-02-07 Simon: Completed fields() method, and improved column attr detection.

2001-02-07 Simon: Added change_and_save method to Record.

2001-01-30 Simon: Added _readable method for all number fields (for ',000's).

2001-01-29 Simon: Filled in missing chunks of documentation for Fields.

2001-01-29 Simon: Added *_invalid methods and column-info detection.

2001-01-20 Simon: Added method_init method to Record.

2001-01-20 Simon: Added Fields saved_total_uspennies

2001-01-16 Simon: Added Fields saved_total

2000-12-?? Simon: Added Fields foreign_key and line_items types

2000-12-?? Simon: Added Fields currency_uspennies and timestamp

2000-12-15 Simon: Added table_or_die() to Record for better debugging output.

2000-11-29 Simon: Initial use of parameters for insert and update statements.

2000-11-29 Simon: Added re_init and de_init hooks to Record.

2000-08-04 Simon: Moved Record package into EBiz::Database.

2000-08-04 Simon: Moved Fields package into EBiz::Database.

2000-04-12 Simon: Check whether Record fetch is being called on instance or class before blessing.

2000-03-30 Simon: Julian day readable now calls method to access value.

2000-03-10 Simon: Added Fields: get_and_set, get_set_filter.

2000-03-06 Simon: Added Fields: get_set_alias

2000-02-29 Simon: Created Fields method generator.

2000-01-07 Simon: Restored support for criteria passed as array to be anded.

1999-10-21 Chaos: Added last_insert_id() for use with MySQL.

1999-10-08 Chaos: Altered sql_insert() to ignore columns with no values.

1999-10-08 Chaos: Altered quote_for_column() to preserve NULL values.

1999-09-26 Simon: Added Record subclassing import method.

1999-08-29 Chaos: Altered sql_quote() to use's quoting.

1999-08-28 Chaos: Altered quote_for_column() to be less picky about types.

1999-08-22 Simon: Added Record insert_row, delete_row

1999-08-17 Added delete_where().

1999-08-15 Simon: Corrected non-ref return of Record fetch; added count_rows, delete_all

1999-08-04 Simon: Adjustments to Row.

1999-08-02 Richard: Created Record subclass.

1999-07-28 Tweaked generation of trivial_sql

1999-07-28 Added error handling for column_named.

1999-07-27 Simon: Created DBO::Row.

1999-07-27 Added use of DBO::Column package.

1999-07-27 Added use of DBO::Column package.

1999-02-21 Improved warnings in quote_for_column().

1999-01-31 Removed Data::Collection dependancy; now handlded by Data::DRef.

1999-01-28 Fixed arrayref in column_named.

1999-01-28 Changed usage of column_named to list context.

1999-01-16 Changes to quoted_column_values: unjoined list, default colnames

1998-11-01 Changed importing style for Class::MethodMaker::Compatibility.

1998-11-01 Changed importing style for Class::MethodMaker::Compatibility.

1998-10-05 Minor cleanups.

1998-08-10 Minor change.

1998-05-09 Moved connection behaviour from SQL Table into Adaptor classes.

1998-05-08 Extended Tableto work with new DBMS package for server-specific code.

1998-03-19 SQL table refactoring.

1998-03-15 Interface munged; doc added.

1998-03-12 DBAdaptor package (and subpackages) renamed to DBO::Table.


1998-03-02 Added ensure_source_exists method.

1998-02-25 Moved columnset->flat_columns call out of sql_create.

1998-02-24 Fixed scoping of temp list in quoted_column_values.

1998-02-01 Some debugging on update and quoting methods.

1997-11-16 Cleanup.

1997-11-16 Added datasource registry

1997-11-06 Addidional mucking with interface.

1997-11-04 Updated to use SubclassFactory; reviewed code and added comments

1997-10-15 Switched from msql to mysql, enhanced criteria.

1997-10-08 Added database selection for insert (if not loaded first).

1997-10-07 Query optimization for 'or' clauses and regex matching.

1997-10-03 Enhanced client-side/server-side criteria handling.

1997-09-24 IntraNetics97 Version 1.00.000

1997-09-03 Fixed the same typo in isstringinlist_criteria.

1997-09-02 Fixed typo in twiddle_criteria.

1997-08-11 Fixed the bug introduced by last night's minor change.

1997-08-10 Added isequal as synonym for equals to keep up with sql criteria

1997-04-10 Changed handling of criteria.

1997-03-** Various changes

1997-02-20 Simon: General cleanup; record data moved to


1997-02-01 Simon: Refactored existing code into adaptor subclasses.

1997-01-03 Simon: Added ()s around or'd sets of criteria

1996-09-08 Simon: Moved to Evo::msql.

1996-09-06 Simon: First build of database wrapper library.