2.0.4     2015-10-01 22:50:25+01:00 Europe/London
    - Fix broken mysql test that should skip on connection failure but does
2.0.3     2015-10-01 20:18:14+01:00 Europe/London
    - Maintenance release.
    - Improved test coverage.
    - Pretty much every function has been cleaned up a little.
    - A lot of cruft associated with injected function representing db and st
      objects (proxies) has now been swept away.
    - General improvements but no earth-shattering new features.
2.0.2     2015-09-27 19:02:59+01:00 Europe/London
    - Problems with some of the tests when MySQL driver is loaded but MySQL
    connection not possible.

    - Some depenencies not automatically being picked up by Dist::Zilla,
    and needed to add [Prereqs / TestRequires] section to dist.ini, and then

2.0.1     2015-09-13 20:38:14+01:00 Europe/London
    - Use of MRO::Compat, like other package non-specific pragmata moved to
      very top of module.
    - Since we're using c3 MRO, let's **NOT** use SUPER:: when we should 
      rather be using next::method!
2.0.0     2015-09-12 09:25:03+01:00 Europe/London
    - No functional changes. Recent move back to Semantic Versioning has caused 
      some problems resulting in bug report 107048. Upon advice received, issuing
      a new release with an uptick in major version number.
1.8.4     2015-09-11 18:23:21+01:00 Europe/London
    - The extension's private statement handle attributes now consolidated under
      a single statement handle private attribute key {private_dbix_flexbind} per
      recommendations in DBI documentation.
    - Eliminated extension's statement handle private method _set_err.
    - Code in "prepare" used to initialise private statement handle attributes
      factored-out to "_init_private_attributes" into DBIx::FlexibleBinding::st
      and practically all of the implementation code and calls that are anything
      to do with these attributes have been re-factored to make them tidier and
    - DBIx::FlexibleBinding::st::auto_bind public method now private _auto_bind
    - DBIx::FlexibleBinding::st::bind public method now private _bind
    - DBIx::FlexibleBinding::db::prepare cleaned up
    - DBIx::FlexibleBinding::st::_bind_hashref cleaned up

    - DBIx::FlexibleBinding::st::bind_param cleaned up

    - DBIx::FlexibleBinding::st::execute cleaned up
    - $DBIx::FlexibleBinding::GETROWS_USING package global eliminated and code
      re-factored to use "getrows" method alias.
    - $DBIx::FlexibleBinding::GETROW_USING package global eliminated and code
      re-factored to use "getrow" method alias.
    - The "getrow" and "getrows" methods have been eliminated in favour of 
      method aliases which perform better.
    - Add a "new" method to iterator implementation and called it.
1.8.3     2015-09-10 09:54:11+01:00 Europe/London
    - POD corrections for "getrows" and "getrow"
    - No functional changes.
1.8.2     2015-09-08 20:54:47+01:00 Europe/London
    - $DBIx::FlexibleBinding::GETROW_USING now documented in relevant section of
    - Returning to Semantic Versioning.

1.152511  2015-09-08 20:30:10+01:00 Europe/London
    - Package rebuilt using Dist::Zilla::Plugin::OurPkgVersion in an attempt to
      fix a failing Kwalitee metric. Grumble.
1.152510  2015-09-08 20:09:15+01:00 Europe/London
    - Methods with names matching /^getall_.*$/ now have names starting 
      with "getrows_". I wasn't happy with "getall_" because, to those with
      less experience may be left wondering "get all what?" At least this is 
      a little more self explanatory.
    - $DBIx::FlexibleBinding::PROXIES_GETALL_USING is now simply
      $DBIx::FlexibleBinding::GETROWS_USING and is now also used by "getrows"
    - $DBIx::FlexibleBinding::GETROW_USING has been introduced and is used by 
      "getrow" methods.
    - Database handles and statement handles now implement methods called "getrow"
      and "getrows" which do their thing by fetching rows as hashrefs by default,
      unless the caller change the following package globals:
        * $DBIx::FlexibleBinding::GETROW_USING
        * $DBIx::FlexibleBinding::GETROWS_USING
    - Functional Iterator pattern implemented with it's own for_each method.
    - Numerous POD changes with more example code added.
    - Numerous non-functional changes to some routines (local $_ moved to another
      scope in some places).
    - Tests made less noisey.
    - More test coverage, but there could always be more, more, more.
1.152501  2015-09-07 22:37:38+01:00 Europe/London
    - No functional changes; just refactoring to use Sub::Install instead of the
      shonky pattern I was using to squirrel my methods in others' namespaces.
    - # ABSTRACT: added
1.152500  2015-09-07 20:27:24+01:00 Europe/London
    - Some minor structural improvements to method implementations here and there.
    - Some POD expansion and corrections.
    - Methods with names that match /^processrow_.*$/ now have names beginning 
      with "getrow_".
    - Methods with names that match /^processall_.*$/ now have names beginning 
      with "getall_".

1.152491  2015-09-06 20:30:55+01:00 Europe/London
    - Guess who forgot to hide embedded packages from PAUSE?
1.152490  2015-09-06 20:22:54+01:00 Europe/London
    - Code producing database connection and statement proxies has been completely
    - POD corrections and additions.
1.152461  2015-09-03 21:02:06+01:00 Europe/London
    - Module now managed using Dist::Zilla and version numbers are auto generated