0.73 March 2nd 2003
	Fixed bug when searching with wildcards '*' and retrieving multiple 
	results from different words in the same document using Phrase Backend
	(Mario Minati)

	Added czech stoplist (Miroslav Suchý)

0.72 December 16th 2002
	Fixed bug with table/phrase search where phrase would wrap into
	next column (Kate L Pugh)

0.71 September 18th 2002
        Updated MANIFEST to include missing files.

0.70 September 1st 2002
	Added support for boolean queries (AND, OR) using Parse::RecDescent

0.63 June 21 2002
	Improved performance for add_document in Phrase and Column backends
	(Taco Hoekwater)

	Makefile.PL fails if DBD::mysql not available

0.62 May 09 2002
	Fix for delete_document() for Column backend (Vladimir Bogdanov)

	Make 'use locale' global, init_env default is now empty.
	(Joern Reder)

0.61 Feb 22 2002
	Added docs on internalization.  Changed default search
        spliter to use \w (Hans Poo)

	Removed print statement in Phrase.pm left over from 
	debugging.  (Joern Reder)

0.60 Tue Dec 18 21:43:37 EST 2001

	Removed extranous code in Phrase contains_hashref
	including unneeded order by in SQL statement (Tony Bowden)

0.59 Sat Dec 15 01:17:34 EST 2001

        Added search_hashref method (Dan Collis Puro)

	Fixed bug with empty method (Joern Reder)

0.58 Thu Oct 11 01:45:59 EDT 2001

        Corrected docs, wildcard is '*' not '%'

0.57 Sun Sep  9 16:24:09 EDT 2001

	Fixed bug with Table/Phrase tables (Kate L Pugh)

0.56 Fri Mar 23 13:37:36 EST 2001

	Added optimization for String.pm (thanks to Sven Paulus for patch)

	Optimizated code by replacing INSERT INTO VALUES (...) syntax to use
		multiple value lists.  (thanks to Tom Bille for suggestion)

	Fixed bug when two indexes share same word file - added
		IF NOT EXISTS to create table string for word_id_table
		(thanks to Tom Bille for suggestion)

0.55 Tue Sep 19 18:57:25 EST 2000

	Added optional extra content for index_document method on
		file, url and table frontends.

	Fixed bug in contains_hashref in Column.pm (Ade Olonoh)

0.541 Thu Aug 31 12:16:49 EST 2000

	Fixed test suite (6_stoplist.t)

0.54 Tue Aug 29 16:01:12 EST 2000

        Fixed test suites (1_create.t and 4_index_table.t) to support MySQL 3.23 versions
        Thanks to Tarik Alkasab for bug fixes.

        Added test script for stoplists.

0.535 Wed Aug  9 16:30:26 MET DST 2000
	Added blobfast backend that does updating by adding the info
	to the end of the blob and with searches ignores previous
	occurencies. (Honza Pazdziora)

0.53 Mon Jul 10 10:31:13 EST 2000

	Added new module DBIx::FullTextSearch::StopList that implements stoplists.

	Added stemming capability through Lingua::Stem.

	Use of splitter on searches as well as indexing.

0.52 Tue Jun 27 12:23:02 EST 2000

	Renamed mycontextadmin to ftsadmin and fixed bugs.

0.51 Mon Jun 26 00:41:46 EST 2000

	Added new method "empty" that empties index.

	Table frontend now supports multiple columns in column_name field.

	Fixed bug with setting column_id_name.

	Fixed bug with %PRECISION_TO_BITS - failed with mediumint(8) column_id_name.

0.50 Fri Jun 16 16:41:05 EST 2000

	Rewrote contains method in Phrase.pm, now supports econtains, and
	fixed bug with words that occur in more than one document.
	Added new method "search" to FullTextSearch.pm, parses a user
	input string into can-include, must-include, and must-not-include
	words and phrases.

	Renamed MyConText to DBIx::FullTextSearch.pm.  T.J. Mather
	is now maintaining this module.

0.48 Mon Oct  4 09:38:23 CEST 1999

	Table frontend finished. The tests now use user defined DBI
	connect info.

0.42 Wed Sep 29 21:14:36 CEST 1999

	README written.

0.41 Tue Sep 21 20:32:28 CEST 1999

	Documentation polished, made uptodate.

0.40 Mon Sep 20 20:58:28 CEST 1999

	Added the phrase backend.

0.36 Mon Sep 20 06:49:29 CEST 1999

	Added command line frontend.

0.35 Fri Sep 17 06:25:05 CEST 1999

	Added handling of different *_bits attributes, for count_bits
	even 0 is supported.

0.32 Thu Sep 16 08:43:40 CEST 1999

	Added url frontend, added customizable splitter and filter,
	added url and cstocs tests.

0.30 Wed Sep 15 07:15:58 CEST 1999

	Complete rewrite: frontend and backend split, added Blob and
	Column. Working tests for number/string/file/blob/column.

0.27 Sat Sep  4 14:54:43 CEST 1999

	Added String, File, added make bench.

0.261 Wed Sep  1 07:43:14 CEST 1999

	Added a fix in econtains for queries where + and non+ words are

	Added the admin.cgi script: selection of database, index and two
	ways of searching. No create index and no insertion of new
	documents so far.

0.26 Sun Jul 25 21:03:23 CEST 1999

	The MyConText project includes: open, create, drop,
	index_document, find_position, contains and contains_hashref and
	econtains and econtains_hashref. Ale included is MyConText::Web
	(to be probably chenged to generic MyConText::String in the
	future) that provides the indirect mapping of string (as oposed
	to number) names of documents.

	The only supported indexing scheme is list of words and for each
	a blob with docid/count/docid/count/... pairs at the moment.

	Also included is a test_data directory with a snapshot of my
	DBD::XBase project. The tests are rather comprehensive and
	include benchmarks (which means they take a couple of minutes to
	finish, the benchmarks should probably be splitted out from the
	basic tests in the future).

0.2501 Sun Jul 25 20:29:36 CEST 1999
	after a long time, I'm coming back to the project to see what's

0.25 Mar 30 22:39 1999

0.20 Mar 28 13:39 1999
	working, including find_position, (indexing took 12 wallclock secs)

0.18 Mar 28 10:27 1999
	working, slow (indexing took 37 wallclock secs)

0.17 Mar 26 23:35 1999
	nearly working, (indexing took 11 wallclock secs)

0.15 Mar 26 00:24 1999