Revision history for Perl extension DBIx::Migration::Directories.

0.12  Mon Mar 18 11:24:05 2013
        - Use "ENGINE=InnoDB" instead of "TYPE=InnoDB" when creating
          MySQL tables (RT#83954, Vita Cizek)

0.11  Thu Aug 20 11:06:00 2009
        - Don't consider files that end with a tilde (~) to be schema
          files. (This extension is commonly chosen as a 'backup' file
          by editors such as joe, gedit, etc)
        - Added some (very basic) documentation to

0.10  Fri Feb 27 11:32:00 2009
        - Added "--force-current-version" flag to migrate-database-schema.
          Why? Because when a MySQL migration fails halfway though, the DDL
          is already committed, but we can't increment the version number
          in the database because, well, we failed.
          So the only sane way to roll back is to say
          "--force-current-version=new.version --desired-version=old.version"

0.09  Wed Feb 11 10:30:00 2009
        - Skip file-permission-based tests when running as root, since
          root has access to everything...

0.08  Tue Nov 18 11:17:00 2008
        - Got rid of "id" column in the migration_schema_log
          This means that the log no longer has a primary id -- this also
          means that MySQL can replicate migrations properly.
          Since SQLite 2.x doesnt have support for ALTER TABLE, I've
          left the ID column there for now.

0.07  Thu Jun 5  11:56:00 2008
        - Moved database-dependant operations into their own class.
        - Updated build process to work with the latest and greatest

0.06  Tue Jun 3  22:04:00 2008
        - Removed need for Class::Clone, since it doesn't work with perl 5.10.

0.05  Wed Mar 8  08:45:00 2006
        - "Hopefully the last release this week"
        - Fixed the "install_path" thing added yesterday.
        - Support $SCHEMA_VERSION global variable so that
          you can still use desired_version_from without binding your
          schema version -directly- to a perl package version.

0.02  Mon Mar  6 13:14:00 2006
        - Documentation improvements.
        - Disabled 02_Build_PL.t until it's improved
        - Updated to use new Module::Build "install_path" options

0.01  Tue Feb 14 13:07:57 2006
        - Initial public release, started on Nov.28th, 2005.