Revision history for DBIx-NinjaORM

v3.1.0  2017-03-22
        - Relicensed under Perl 5 terms.
        - Cleaned up dependencies.

v3.0.2  2014-04-20
        - Fixed "package version matches dist version" for CPANTS.
        - Fixed license declared in meta files.
        - Added option to customize the dumper function used (GH-3).
        - General cleanup.

v3.0.1  2013-08-25
        - Fixed double-planning tests when memcache isn't running (GH-21).
        - Reordered new tests.

v3.0.0  2013-08-25
        - SEE UPGRADE NOTES: refactored class configuration into
          DBIx::NinjaORM::StaticClassInfo (GH-15).
        - SEE UPGRADE NOTES: added get_info() and deprecated some accessors
          which will be removed in a next version (GH-19).
        - Added document to gather upgrade instructions between versions.
        - Added ability to use real date types for 'created' and 'modified'
          fields (GH-2).
        - Set up mechanism to retrieve and cache schema information, to power
          new features of NinjaORM that rely on knowing the table structures (GH-16).
        - Added the ability to select explicitely or exclude fields from the
          underlying table as part of retrieve_list(), as opposed to table.* (GH-14).
        - Fixed bug where an object ID would exist in the list cache but have
          been deleted from the database and return undef instead of being
          skipped in the results of retrieve_list().
        - Fixed bug when retrieving cache misses by ID, now passing the correct
          arguments for dbh/show_queries.
        - Refactored retrieve_list() argument handling for list cache key
        - Code cleanup.
        - Better test coverage (including GH-10, GH-18).
				* Massive tests cleanup, reusable test classes are now in

v2.5.1  2013-07-11
        - Fixed retrieve_list() when a 'created' field is not present (GH-17).
          Thanks Kate Kirby!
        - Added tests for retrieve_list() and update() without created/modified
        - Documented pagination for retrieve_list().
        - Added release tests for file encoding.

v2.5.0  2013-05-22
        - Added 'like' and 'not_like' operators to retrieve_list() (GH-13).
          Thanks Brian Voorhes!

v2.4.4  2013-03-30
        - Replaced Test::NoWarnings with Test::FailWarnings.
        - Added new release tests.
        - Moved release tests to xt/, updated Build.PL.

v2.4.3  2013-03-21
        - (GitHub #7) Fixed warnings in Perl 5.16.
        - (GitHub #8) Fixed manifest.
        - (GitHub #9) Fixed prerequisite.

v2.4.2  2013-03-18
        - Moved request tracker from RT to GitHub.
        - Changed links from Search CPAN to MetaCPAN.

v2.4.1  2013-02-24
        - (RT #83513) Fixed incorrect croak() in verbose mode.
        - (RT #83514) Don't delete cache if no cache key can be determined.
        - Modified validate_data() to check for existence, not just defineness
          of keys, as undefined keys would still impact insert/update.

v2.4.0  2013-02-19
        - Fixed detecting invalid filtering criteria [].

v2.3.2  2013-01-27
        - Fixed propagation of DBI failures in update().
        - Added tests to cover DBI failures for insert(), update(), and
        - Added 'allow_subclassing' option for retrieve_list().
        - Added new tests for pagination in retrieve_list_nocache().
        - Cleaned up tests and code.

v2.3.1  2013-01-05
        - Fixed call to selectall_arrayref() in retrieve_list_nocache() and
          added error handling (thanks Jacob Rose).
        - Added tests to cover locking with joins in retrieve_list_nocache().
        - Fixed list of locked IDs in retrieve_list_nocache().
        - retrieve_list_nocache() now ignores lock=1 for SQLite.

v2.3.0  2012-12-04
        - Refactored to use Log::Any instead of carp/confess.

v2.2.1  2012-12-04
        - Split limit and offset, for PostgreSQL.

v2.2.0  2012-12-04
        - Modified assert_dbh() to allow coderefs that return a DBI::db object
          in either default_dbh from static_class_information() or from its
          first parameter.
        - Added tests for the pagination feature of retrieve_list().
        - Added tests for assert_dbh().
        - Cleaned up warning that should only show up in verbose mode.

v2.1.3  2012-12-03
        - Fixed pagination in retrieve_list().

v2.1.2  2012-11-30
        - Added tests for remove() and commit().
        - If custom clauses are present, filters are not required anymore.
        - Checked filters argument in new() to detect issues early.
        - Sorted filters in parse_filtering_criteria() to make output easily

v2.1.1  2012-11-26
        - Ignored Devel::Cover output files.
        - Added Perl 5.10 as a requirement.

v2.1.0  2012-11-22
        - Refactored retrieve_list() and new() to use a hashref as first
          argument, like insert() and update().
        - Reorganized methods alphabetically.

v2.0.0  2012-11-19
        - Generalized code, added more tests and documentation.
        - First public release.

v1.9.1  2012-10-24
        - Added 'not_null' operator.

v1.9.0  2012-10-18
        - Updated to use two separate cache times, one for the translation from
          arguments to IDs (list cache) and one for the objects (object cache).
          Thanks Jennifer Pinkham!

v1.8.4  2012-10-02
        - Added get_object_cache_keys().

v1.8.3  2012-10-01
        - Added "set" parameter to update() to allow specifying complex set

v1.8.2  2012-09-07
        - Added option to trace cache operations.

v1.8.1  2012-09-06
        - Adjusted the order of when we invalidate the object cache in update().
        - Forced the cache keys and values to be lower case, to account for
          case-insensitive collations.

v1.8.0  2012-08-30
        - Implemented cache of the translation from arguments to IDs in
          retrieve_list(). Thanks Kate Kirby for pair programming this change!

v1.7.7  2012-05-22
        - Modified parse_filtering_criteria() to return whether filtering fields
          were detected in the arguments passed to retrieve_list(),
          independently of whether filtering clauses are generated or not.
        - Tweaked retrieve_list() to warn about missing filtering fields only
          when none was passed to retrieve_list(), and ignore the case when all
          of them are undef or empty arrays.

v1.7.6  2012-05-08
        - Improved get() to prevent retrieving private properties and to error
          on non-existent properties only when the object comes from
          retrieve_list() which is guaranteed to populate the object correctly.

v1.7.5  2012-03-20
        - Fixed trying to invalidate the cached object for keys with undefined

v1.7.4  2012-03-20
        - Added unitary operator 'null'.

v1.7.3  2012-02-24
        - Added get().
        - Added 'ignore' argument to insert(). Thanks Jamie McCarthy!

v1.7.2  2011-08-08
        - Added operator 'between' for retrieve_list(), reengineered the return
          values of build_filtering_clause() to allow for more than one bind
          variable to be returned.

v1.7.1  2011-06-10
        - Added more trace information for cache operations.
        - Modified update() to invalidate cached versions of objects.
        - Added meta information 'cache_key_field' to allow specifying a
          different cache key field than the primary key.
        - Added get_object_cache_key(), to allow subclassing to create complex
          cache keys.

v1.7.0  2011-06-07
        - Refactored filtering operators to use (?:=|not|<=|>=|<|>).
        - Added code to detect parameters that cannot be handled by
          retrieve_list(). This helps the calling code to detect typos, missing
          filtering fields in the static class declaration or obsolete argument
        - Set up a list of reserved arguments for retrieve_list().
        - Fixed retrieve_list( id => [ 1, 2 ] ) that was converting to
          WHERE id = 1 AND id = 2 instead of WHERE id IN ( 1, 2 ).

v1.6.1  2011-05-17
        - Added last insert ID value to the object upon successful insert.

v1.6.0  2011-03-29
        - Refactored reload().

v1.5.4  2011-03-04
        - Added 'show_queries' argument to retrieve_list().

v1.5.3  2011-01-31
        - Added dump().

v1.5.2  2011-01-27
        - Added function to flatten an object based on a list of fields.

v1.5.1  2011-01-24
        - Changed retrieve_list() to return pagination info in addition to the
          results only when pagination was requested to begin with.
        - Added option to set "pagination => 1"  in retrieve_list(), as a
          shortcut to get all the defaults.

v1.5.0  2011-01-10
        - Implemented delete().

v1.4.1  2011-01-06
        - Simplified 'order_by', removed option to pass a data structure in
          favor of raw SQL.
        - Fixed retrieve_list() to handle the case when the query has joins but
          we need to lock the rows.

v1.4.0  2010-12-21
        - Split validation from setting properties.
        - Added concept of read-only fields.
        - Added cached_static_class_info(), which is ~6x faster than

v1.3.0  2010-12-16
        - Added 'unique_fields' to the meta object information and created a
          method to access it.
        - Simplified caching of objects.
        - Expanded parse_filtering_criteria() to allow filtering on the opposite
          of a criteria.
        - Implemented pagination for retrieve_list().
        - Refactored how cache keys are generated.
        - Added invalidate_cached_object() to remove all the cached versions of
          a given object.
        - Added 'lock' and 'allow_all' arguments to retrieve_list().
        - Added option to specify pre-generated primary keys in insert().
        - Added warnings to prevent hash/hashref confusion in the first argument
          of insert() and update()
        - Fixed insert() to work with tables that don't have a primary key.
        - Added unique fields to the list of available filtering criteria in
        - Improved 'order_by' parsing and defaults in retrieve_list(), allowed
          raw SQL in 'order_by'.
        - Modified update() to accept restrictions on the where clause.

v1.2.0  2010-02-10
        - Changed insert() to allow calling it directly on a class, if no
          object is needed afterwards.
        - Added static_class_info() and accessors for its configurable options.
        - Added object-level cache.
        - Added 'force' argument to set(), to optionally disable validation.

v1.1.0  2010-12-08
        - Added insert(), update(), and new().
        - Fixed set() to remove primary key fields and fields starting with an
        - Added id().
        - Refactored retrieve_list() to allow subclassing.
        - Added table prefix for the fields not specifing one explicitely when
          creating filtering criteria.

v1.0.2  2010-10-28
        - Added reload().

v1.0.1  2010-02-01
        - Added clone().

v1.0.0  2009-12-17
        - First version.