Revision history for DBIx-OO

0.0.9    Nov 26, 2008

         Fixed bug in search_join_X methods: $#{@$row} no longer works
         to determine the index of the last element in an array ref,
         it returns -1 instead.  Either it never worked (but AFAIR it
         did) or it somehow broke in Perl 5.10.

0.0.8    Nov 5, 2008

         Added (succinct) POD for naked subroutines, and more
         prerequisites, so that build won't fail.

0.0.7    Nov 5, 2008

         Minor changes but releasing a new version to support some
         projects I'm working on:

         - $obj->retrieve will re-fetch data from DB
         - $package->update will now be able to update more rows
         - fixed some problems with autocreate

0.0.6    Sep 29, 2007

         Added a rudimentary DB auto-create/upgrade facility.
         Some minor other changes as well (I forgot).

0.0.5    Jul 03, 2007

         Minor fixes, added tree_get_next / tree_get_prev functions in

0.0.4    Nov 26, 2006


         - fixed a bug that caused bad integrity when you tried to
           append multiple root nodes in a tree.

         - tree_reparent supports "undef" (to move as root node)

         - added tree_move_before, tree_move_after

0.0.3    Nov 25, 2006

         Minor fixes to DBIx::OO.  Added DBIx::OO::Tree to facilitate
         manipulation of hierarchical data using the "nested sets

0.0.2    Nov 25, 2006

         Messed up MANIFEST so CPAN didn't get all the files.  Version
         removed. :-)

0.0.1    Oct 18, 2006

         First version, released on an unsuspecting world.