0.14 20160524
    + ->handle_command_line now also accepts an SQL string
      instead of only accepting SQL files
    . Silence some warnings if a statement does not return columns
      (like a CREATE statement). RT #114647

0.13 20150519
    + Fix bad thinko error in ->run_sql that prevented any
      results from being shown

0.12 20140222
    + If Text::Table is installed, output SELECT statements
      through it instead of simply using \t
    . Document more of the internal helper routines

0.11 20131120
    + Add functionality for SELECT statements

0.10 20130510
    . Fix the MANIFEST which listed MYMETA.*
    . Fix a bug where ->handle_command_line() never properly processed
      the parameters given to it.

0.09 20120611
    + Parse triggers. This fixes RT #77378
      Test and report by Gabor Szabo

0.08 20120518
    . Add a test for warnings raised while executing SQL
      (contributed by David Golden)
    + Respect the 'verbose' setting, fixes RT #77260
      (contributed by David Golden)

0.07 20111023
    . Fix bad test skip count
    . Documentation fixes
    o no need to upgrade

0.06 20110920
    Suggested by Gabor Szabo
    + allow a different output handle for the verbose messages
    + Allow a callback for the verbose messages
    + Separate the SQL statements by "--" in the verbose output
    ! SQL errors are now fatal
    + Add --force option to ignore SQL errors (fixes RT #70998)

0.05 20110127
    . Fix synopsis to use :dbname instead of (wrong) :dbfile parameter
      for DBD::SQLite
    . Added link to github repo
    . Added metainformation about bugtracker etc.
    . Bumped copyright

0.04 20101111
    . Actually document ->handle_command_line, thanks to Terrence Brannon
    . Add author information, license information

0.03 20100518
    . ->create now returns the database handle so you can use it
      to create :memory: databases in SQLite

0.02 20100213
    . Collected from various copies and released