Revision history for DBIx-Table-TestDataGenerator

0.005 2013-01-XXXXX

    - Support for auto-increment primary key columns added.

    - One can now configure if for a self-reference, new root nodes should have NULL or their own primary key value as the value for the column referencing the parent record.

    - The generated test data can now be dumped to a csv file with bulk inserts in mind.

    - Fixes in license information and documentation.

    - Another bigger refactoring: The old TableProbe class was way too big. It has been replaced by smaller classes with definite responsibilities.

0.004 2012-12-19

    - A big refactoring has been done, the module is now based on DBIx::Class for all database related things, in particular it does not contain DBMS specific code apart from DBD::SQLite, which is used to define in-memory databases to allow running tests during the installation of the module.

    - Currently, there is no seed functionality since for random selection of records we now use DBIx::Class::Helper::ResultSet::Random and for the time being no seed can be configured there.

0.003 2012-12-14


    - line 234: condition used "keys $hash_ref" instead of "keys %hash"

    - replaced smart match operator ~~ by use of grep to make it work with Perl versions older than 5.10

0.002 2012-12-05


    - Database schema argument was declared optional, but in fact needed, resulting in an error (

    - Missing install dependencies ( and

    - Errors in POD usage section (

0.001 2012-10-28

    - First version, supports Oracle, PostgreSQL and SQLite.