Revision history for perl module DBIx::TxnPool

0.12 2015-11-26
    - fix bug - sometimes callback the txn_commit was not called
    - commit improvements

0.11 2015-11-13
    - (improvement) The deadlock definition was changed - now by err codes not by regexp of errstr
    - (fix) DESTROY method now localises $@ and doesn't do finish method if a deadlock limit was reached
    - (improvement) Few fixes of docs

0.10 2014-06-12
    - Improved docs.
    - Fix small bug as i think (but i am not sure)

0.09 2014-02-16
    - Added the signal blocking for minimizing "MySQL lost connection" errors.
    - Added test for the signal blocking

0.08 2013-12-09
    - Added 'txn_sort' shortcut for sorting method of data before transaction.
      It will reduce deadlock events. Added test for this (author's tests in xt/*).
    - Some inside improvements of code

0.07 2013-11-27
    - 'die' directives were been changed to 'croak' fot the better diagnostics
    - Increased incremental delay for repeated deadlocks

0.06 2013-11-14
    - Changed the searched string for deadlock conflicts in MySQL
      Now it's the string "try restarting transaction" because some time not only deadlocks occur but some other locks

0.05 2013-10-24
    - Removed MYMETA.* files from MANIFEST and added to exclude lists (.gitignore & MANIFEST.SKIP)
      (Thanks to

0.04 2013-08-31
    - Added 'txn_commit' shortcut as 'commit' callback
    - Some code improvements
    - Added 'dbh' accessor
    - All callbacks now get a $pool object and may be $item as second argument

0.03 2013-08-28
    - Some doc fixes

0.02 2013-08-27
    - Some fixes

0.01 2013-08-27
    - Final release for CPAN