Revision history for Perl extension DB_File::Lock.

0.05 Tue Apr  9 15:14:43 EDT 2002
    - removed use Carp qw(verbose) which was effecting other modules
    - documentation improvements recommended by Stas Bekman <>
    - the documentation said we supported RECONO (tie for arrays) but 
      Shlomo Yona <> pointed out the implementation
      did not support that. Added support for RECNO.
    - added a warning when opening a database with write access and only
      locking it for reading. This warning disabled for RECNO because RECNO
      seems to require O_RDWR even when opening only for reading.
    - added test of database creation failure
    - added test of database access through object interface
    - added test of RECNO database creation and usage

0.04 Fri Aug 11 09:08:48 EDT 2000
    - Three good fixes from Robert Mathews <>.
      (Thanks to him for submitting a patch!) In his own words:
      (1) The first one is nothing big: test 16 fails with BerkeleyDB
          v1.85 on solaris 5.6.  This seems to be due to the fact that
          we're creating a database (and therefore writing to it),
          but it's only read-locked.
      (2) The second is that TIEHASH assumes that SUPER::TIEHASH
          will succeed.  If it doesn't, the lockfile gets left open,
          and DESTROY is never called to close it.
      (3) I ran into one other issue: umask isn't restored if sysopen
          on the lockfile fails.  Fixed that too.

0.03 Wed Feb  2 11:06:08 EST 2000
    - stupid me! version 0.02 didn't ship with a Makefile.PL, only a Makefile.old.
      seems that I deleted the wrong file before taring up the archive after testing.
    - didn't have $VERSION set correctly.

0.02 Thu Jan 13 20:19:44 EST 2000
    - much improved documentation
    - much improved README
    - added notes to other DB_File wrapper locking functions in POD and README
    - fixed some incorrect assumptions about flock(2) in that ended
      up being wrong on both Solaris and HP-UX and caused two tests to fail.

0.01  Sat Jan 1 23:39:30 EST 2000
    - original version; created by h2xs 1.19
    - based on origional DB_Lock from
      and some helpful insight from Stas Bekman <>.