Revision history for Perl extension DPKG::Log.

1.20 Wed Feb 23 09:30:00 2011
    - Switch to DistZilla
    - Remove debugging output from DPKG::Log
    - Various changes to examples/dpkg-report:
        - Add merging for common hostnames (e.g. if there is
          data for test1 and test2, show test* with all packages
          common to BOTH systems starting with test.
        - Add a no_data flag to the data handed to Template::Toolkit
          in order to handle cases properly where there is no
          data for the current period and hostname.
        - Add a merge flag to the data handed to Template::Toolkit
          in order to know weither merge mode is active or not
          in the templates
    - In t/timing.t use RELEASE_TESTING environment variable, because
      this is set by dzil test.
    - Extend POD documentation for DPKG::Log::Analyse::Package

1.10  Fri Feb 18 14:35:00 2011
    - Bugfix in DPKG::Log::Entry: available_version did not return
      a value.
    - Bugfix in DPKG::Log: Handle parse param properly
    - Fixed some perlcritic critics
    - Fixed various POD problems
    - Use test_data/dpkg.log in t/dpkg-log.t
    - Make it possible to initialize new objects from existing
    - Extend tests
    - Add support to DPKG::Log::Analyse to specify an existing
      DPKG::Log object as log_handle
    - Add support to DPKG::Log to specify time_zone as
      DateTime::TimeZone objects
    - Add missing file (DPKG/Log/Analyse/ to tarball
1.00  Fri Feb 18 10:00:00 2011
	- Initial version