Revision history for Dancer-Plugin-Catmandu-OAI

0.0401  2017-04-24 13:54:38 CEST
  - make adminEmail repeatable
  - support setDescription, compression and description

0.04  2017-02-14 10:50:59 CET
  - xsl stylesheet support

0.0310  2017-02-09 12:08:21 CET
  - fix bug in ListRecords if metatadata format has fixes

0.0309  2016-10-20 10:04:28 CEST
  - fix date bug

0.0308  2016-05-26 14:08:53 CEST
  - more pod and a demo application
  - bugfixes

0.0307  2015-07-02 15:00:35 CEST
  - put function call "content_type 'xml'" in function "render". Now errors also have content-type application/xml

0.0306  2015-03-13 09:52:27 CET
    - metadata_formats cql option
    - fix pod
    - more tests

0.0305  2014-05-08 12:11:15 CEST
    - make datestamp pattern configurable
    - make uri_base configurable
    - building with Dist::Milla
    - test added
    - docs
    - default search params
    - GetRecord is now a cql search

0.0304  2014-04-22
    - add missing dependency on Catmandu:Exporter::Template

0.0303  2014-03-04
    - "granularity" can be set to these two options in the plugin configuration:

        - YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ
        - YYYY-MM-DD

    - "fix" can be set in the plugin configuration:

    - this "fix" fixes the input record(s). This is a global fix that is
      applied before any action is taken on the record.

      e.g. GetRecord, ListRecords, and ListIdentifiers share this fix

        - This is not the same as the fix, as configured for every metadataPrefix.
          First of all the global fix is applied, and later the fix for the metadataPrefix is applied.

    - "datestamp" is copied from the fixed record (see above), instead of fixed by "_combined_utc_datestamp"

        Fixing the datestamp values is up to the global fix (see: Catmandu::Fix::datetime_format).
        One should make sure that the values in this field honor the configured "granularity".

    - "default_search_params" can be set in the plugin configuration:

        These arguments are given to the search method of the Catmandu::Bag.
        Beware that these are overwritten inline by "start","limit", "query" and "cql_query",
        so those cannot be used.

    - $bag->get is changed by $bag->search in "GetRecord"

        To honor the "default_search_params", the search method of the Catmandu::Bag is used.
        These parameters are preset, and cannot be changed by "default_search_params".

0.0302  2013-03-11
    - fix date format in resumptionToken

0.0301  2013-02-28
    - explicit DateTime dependency

0.03    2013-02-25
    - configurable limit (default is 100)
    - support collectionIcon

0.02    2012-12-04
    - initial release