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Revision history for Dancer-Plugin-DBIC

0.2100  2014-04-05
        Added support for ::Replicated options:
            balancer_args, pool_type, and pool_args

0.2001  2014-03-12
        Skip the replicated tests if the required deps are not installed.
        Removed the deprecated pckg option.
        Added a deprecation warning for the pass option.
        Updated the documentation.

0.2000  2014-03-11
        Added support for database slaves via
        Thanks to Al Newkirk for the idea and the initial implementation.

0.1901  2014-02-04
        Added SQL::Translator prereq for tests to pass.

0.1900  2014-02-04
        Added support for schema aliases.
        Added schema_loader_naming option.
        Can now provide password instead of pass, to be more DBIC friendly.
        Simplified tests.

0.1803  2013-10-06
        Show the root cause when unable to load a schema.

0.1802  2013-01-22
        Updated version requirement for Dancer. A newer Dancer is required to
            use the plugin_args() function.

0.1801  2013-01-21
        Fixed tests to pass on Dancer 2.
        Thanks Yanick Champoux (!

0.1800  2013-01-18
        Added the resultset and rset keywords.

0.1700  2013-01-01
        Added support for Dancer 2.
        Thanks Steven Humphrey (!

0.1601  2012-10-01
        Added logic to skip some tests when DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader is not

0.1600  2012-09-29
        DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader is now an optional dependency.
        Thanks Fabrice Gabolde (!
        Started using Module::Load for dynamically loading modules.

0.1506  2012-04-12
        When multiple databases are configured, calling schema with no args
            returns the schema for the databased named 'default'.
        Thanks Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker (!

0.1505  2012-02-07
        Updating POD to warn about dynamic loading of schema classes.
        Thanks David Precious (!

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