Revision History for Dancer2::Session::PSGI

0.010     2018-04-12T12:48:36AEST+1000
  * Consider any session ID provided by Plack::Middleware::Session
    to be considered a valid ID (using upcoming validate_id method)
    (Russell @veryrusty Jenkins)

0.009     2016-07-09T21:06:49AEST+1000
  * Add support for Dancer2's upcoming change_session_id method
    (Peter @SysPete Mottram)

0.008     2014-10-16T08:26:41EST+1100
  * Require Plack::Middleware::Session v0.23 as it is the first release
    of Middleware::Session that requires a secret.

0.007     2014-10-14T14:38:14EST+1100
  * Access to PSGI env is via engine request attr, not context.
    (Restore functionality with Dancer2 v0.152000)

0.006     2014-06-23T11:07:19EST+1000
  * Updating metadata. No functional changes.

0.005     2014-06-23T10:17:37EST+1000
  * Ensure changes session expiry are passed back to the psgi env.

0.004     2014-04-18T20:19:40EST+1000
  * Update test prerequisites: Tests depend on Plack, as Plack::Test does
    not have version information.

0.003     2014-04-13T20:30:18EST+1000
  * Update test prerequisites:
    Plack::Test >= 1.0029 for simplified OO interface
    (Reported by @haarg)

0.002     2014-04-01T06:36:07EST+1100
  * Revise test prerequisites.

0.001     2014-03-31T00:26:03EST+1100
  * Initial release