Revision history for Dancer2-Template-Xslate

v0.0.7    2014-08-31 11:30:11-05:00 America/Chicago
    - Fixed tests, code. Now works with Dancer2 0.150000. (Sawyer X)

v0.0.6    2014-01-04 09:57:20 America/Chicago
    - Fixed issue causing template path to not be found when a PSGI dispatcher
      is in a directory other than the default (contributed by patzim on

v0.0.5    2013-10-08 11:55:13 America/Chicago
    - Bumped Dancer2 version requirement.
    - Promoted to full release.

v0.0.4    2013-10-07 10:15:35 America/Chicago
    - Handled Xslate configuration options presumptively inserted by Dancer2.
    - Fixed pathing issues on MS Windows (contributed by Sören Kornetzki on

v0.0.3    2013-03-07 20:20:53 America/Chicago
    - Fixed configuration example in POD.

v0.0.2    2013-03-03 14:28:01 America/Chicago
    - Improved accomodatation of using either Dancer's "views" or
      Xslate's "path" configuration options.
    - Promoted to full release.

v0.0.1    2013-03-02 23:49:16 America/Chicago
    - First version, released on an unsuspecting world.