Revision history for Perl extension Data::DeepManip.

0.01 Sat Nov 12 17:53:19 RST 2011
	- original version; created by Matthieu Damerose

0.02 Sun Dec 11 21:00:00 RST 2011
	- MANIFEST missing travel.t correction; Matthieu Damerose

0.03 Mon Dec 26 22:14:30 RST 2011
	- seems auto-tests are not passing (Local OK); Matthieu Damerose

0.04 Sun Jan 1 18:22:57 RST 2012
	- Successfull correction on auto-test; Matthieu Damerose

0.05 Sun Feb 19 20:56:43 RST 2012
	- perl licence in Makefile.PL ; Matthieu Damerose

	- Changes file update ; Matthieu Damerose
	- Infinite loop detection 

	- change argument call ref to array in internal &$matchPath() and &$isKey()
	this was made for better usage in function travel, search and compare
	- header changed for giving an error 
	(thanks to Thomas Sibley and David Muir Sharnoff)
	- DISABLED function : complex key compare (to use o_key as nodes priority searching) 
	disabled as no test created on this very experimental, rewrited anyway ...

	Bug #83259 :
	=> function _escape_path removed as it is useless

0.09	remove space after \ in reference to hash or arry in deep.t test	

0.10 dim.  9 juin 2013 11:01:26
	deep.t : compare loop (for(0..1) removed) for clearest view on errors related to tests in both complex or not (o_complex)
	also add warn if failure occurs instead of keeping in debug mode (o_debug/bug) which is verbose and not helping for FAILS tests

	add argument of the visitor for open/closing ARRAY/HASH in travel() crossing
	travel() results append using internal function __appendVisitorResult()
	quotation from " to ' modification in patch text format
	Key optimisation :
	   - Key usage is used in Text patch format and removed from Dom (previous $isKey() computations search/compare/travel ...)
	   - correct DomPatch2Text() & TextPatch2Dom() for Key handling
	add public functions patternDom2Text() & patternText2Dom() (redesigned from previous internal function)

0.12    Warning purify

0.13  	-  bad encoded characters, little correction in POD
	-  correction in POD characters (l.1814 & l.1916)