1.61  Fri Sep 23 11:51:26 EDT 2005  jason@purdy.info
  * Improve Kwalitee release (README, POD tests, use strict)

1.60  Fri Apr 29 10:35:35 EDT 2005  jason@purdy.info
  * Incorporated new msgs help, using HTML::Template and
	some copy that I'm using for ApacheCon 2005.
  * Added a pitch for ApacheCon 2005 (will take out and
	link to slides/paper after the event is over)

1.50  Wed Dec  8 09:31:05 EST 2004  jason@purdy.info
    We adopted TBONE's dfv-tutorial and did a complete re-write.
    For fear of stagnation, we decided to release this with some
    missing parts, namely moving into the more complex areas of
    dfv and also the msgs part.  We promise to do that real soon