Revision history for Data-GUID-Any

0.004     2012-12-03 11:59:00 America/New_York

    - Documented that uppercase strings are not compliant with RFC 4122

    - Added $Data::GUID::Any::UC variable that can be set false to get
      lowercase strings instead

0.003     2012-04-18 12:59:58 America/New_York
    - The ordering of GUID providers  has changed and there are now
      separate functions for generic GUID (any supported type), v1 and v4
      type GUIDs.
    - Data::UUID::MT is now preferred, since it offers good speed and the
      best control.

    - The uuid binary is now preferred to pure-perl UUID::Tiny.

    - UUID::Generator::PurePerl has been dropped as the author has listed
      it as deprecated.
    - distribution converted to Dist::Zilla style

0.002 Fri Apr 10 10:19:55 EDT 2009
    - added UUID::Generator::PurePerl
    - cleaned up some internals

0.001 Tue Apr  7 23:33:51 EDT 2009
    - initial release