RJBS / Data-Hive-1.011 / Changes

Revision history for Data-Hive

1.011     2013-12-13 08:24:44 America/New_York
          update bugtracker and repo links

1.010     2013-07-05 21:34:32 America/New_York
          repackage, update bugtracker

1.009     2013-03-04 16:36:28 America/New_York
          add ->GET(sub{...}) for lazily computed default

          remove GETNUM, GETSTR

1.008     2010-10-21 16:51:16 America/New_York
          add a warning when an autoloaded hive descender is given an arg

1.007     2010-09-07 21:34:43 America/New_York
          require Test::More 0.96 so that we don't need plans in subtests

1.006     2010-09-01 15:47:44 America/New_York
          Data::Hive::Test test suite can now be run against existing hives

1.005     2010-09-01 11:52:32 America/New_York

1.004     2010-09-01 10:48:48 America/New_York
          automatically upgrade old-style nested hashes

1.003     2010-09-01 09:12:27 America/New_York
          add COPY_ONTO

1.002     2010-08-31 22:48:54 America/New_York

          allow ->HIVE to take multiple keys

1.001     2010-08-31 08:27:03 America/New_York

          added ROOT, SAVE, SAVE_ALL, DELETE_ALL

          old Hash store is now Hash::Nested; added new, flat Hash store

          new Hash store and Param both rely on Data::Hive::PathPacker

          bugfixes in cleaning up after deletion in nested hashes

          deprecate overload and GETNUM and GETSTR behaviors

          added Data::Hive::Test for testing Store implementations

          documentation and test improvements

1.000     2010-08-27 21:48:58 America/New_York
          significant documentation overhaul

          add the ->KEYS method to Data::Hive and the core stores

          allow the Hash store to have a value and subhives per path name
          (this break backcompat with existing hash structure)

0.054     2010-08-26 14:58:29 America/New_York
          minor tweaks, mostly to enable use of Dist::Zilla

0.053     2008-09-12
          ->GET($default) added

0.052     2007-11-19
          Fix bug where Store::Hash was inadvertently destroying state
          information it shouldn't have in some cases

0.051     2007-11-15
          Guard eval with local $SIG{__DIE__} in case someone else has been
          careless with theirs

          Remove useless t/boilerplate.t

0.050     2007-04-02
          Add GETSTR to avoid stupid SEGVs
          Add DELETE

0.040     2006-08-28

          Freshen Module::Install

0.03      2006-07-03
          Add missing dep for Test::MockObject.

0.02      2006-06-08
          Add EXISTS.

0.01      2006-06-05
          First version, released on an unsuspecting world.

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