version 0.009; 2017-08-10

  * new functions to support the base-36 version of Exim message IDs

  * small wording improvement in documentation

  * no longer include a Makefile.PL in the distribution

  * in documentation, use four-column indentation for all verbatim

  * in META.{yml,json}, point to public bug tracker

version 0.008; 2011-11-19

  * avoid latent bug of passing magic variables $1 et al into functions
    where in the future they might unexpectedly change value

  * include META.json in distribution

  * convert .cvsignore to .gitignore

  * add MYMETA.json to .gitignore

version 0.007; 2010-09-01

  * check for required Perl version at runtime

  * use full stricture in test suite

  * in Build.PL, explicitly declare configure-time requirements

  * remove bogus "exit 0" from Build.PL

  * add MYMETA.yml to .cvsignore

version 0.006; 2009-04-22

  * use simpler "parent" pragma in place of "base"

  * in documentation, use the term "truth value" instead of the less
    precise "boolean"

  * in documentation, refer to Win32::Guidgen rather than the non-existent

  * use full stricture in Build.PL

version 0.005; 2007-09-26

  * use "base" pragma to import Exporter behaviour

  * test POD syntax and coverage, and rename an internal function to
    satisfy the coverage test

  * build with Module::Build instead of ExtUtils::MakeMaker

  * complete dependency list

  * include signature in distribution

  * in documentation, separate "license" section from "copyright" section

version 0.004; 2007-02-05

  * bugfix: make exim_mid_time() and base62() work when called in list
    context (they used to assume that they were called in scalar context)

version 0.003; 2007-02-02

  * export and document functions base62() and read_base62(); these
    functions previously existed unexported, base62() from version 0.000
    and read_base62() from version 0.001

version 0.002; 2006-05-17

  * new function exim_mid_time() to construct time part of ID for an
    arbitrary time

  * more efficient and elegant base 62 conversion code

  * use integer arithmetic

  * put space between number and unit (SI style) in documentation

version 0.001; 2004-10-19

  * new function read_exim_mid() to extract information from an ID

  * mention what Exim is in the documentation

  * versioned dependencies in .pm

  * declare module dependencies in Makefile.PL

  * include Changes file

version 0.000; 2004-04-02

  * initial released version