Revision history for Perl module Data::IEEE754::Tools.

v0.018003 2017-Oct-01
    - binary64_convertToHexString(): bugfix verified; now works on ivsize=4;
      remove debug code

v0.018003 2017-Sep-29
    - Completely reworked the function, so it deals with one nibble at a time,
      thus avoiding any overflow (easier to code than doing sub-32b groupings)
    - possible bug in t/01*.t, but unverified and unstudied

v0.018002 2017-Sep-25
    - Change from README.pod to, because *.pod are built and put in
      the module documentation directory
    - Debugging roundoff on certain systems (not sure yet what the common
      aspect of the systems are, because bsd or mswin for the same perl version
      will both pass and fail -- my guess is 32bit vs 64bit machines, maybe
      in the integer processing, but I need data that will show me what's
      different, so I'm doing another "official" release that turns on debug
      printing during the test suite for known-buggy values.  (I would do alpha,
      but the smoke testers didn't run when I tried v0.017_xxx alpha versions,
      so sorry.  This release should be no more broken than v0.018 or v0.018001)

v0.018001 2017-Sep-24
    - for some reason, `make test` was invoking `make README.pod`: trying to fix

v0.018 2017-Jun-14
    - changing names per the naming-convention issue#6
      + make
        :floatingpoint, to_hex_floatingpoint(), to_dec_floatingpoint()
        aliases to
        :convertToString, convertToHexString(),
      + make
        :raw754, hexstr754_from_double(), binstr754_from_double(),
        hexstr754_to_double(), binstr754_to_double()
        aliases to
        :internalString, convertToInternalHexString(),
        convertToInternalBinaryString(), convertFromInternalHexString(),
      + for convertToDecimalString() and convertToHexString, add in optional
        conversionSpecification -- it specifiers the number of digits after the
    - meta: improve test coverage, documentation, development automation

    - Odd versions are development versions.  Features to be released
      in v0.018 were developed under the v0.017 revision

v0.016 2016-Aug-29
    - had a bug in v0.014 Makefile which caused CPAN to not
      index; tried a couple of submissions, none of which
      really did what I wanted.  Will try to move up to next
      public release version number (v0.016), and ask PAUSE
      to forget the incorrect v0.14003.0 release, and hopefully
      re-index to this release.

v0.014 2016-Aug-29
    - feature request <>
      + add many functions
        :ulp => ulp, nextUp, nextDown, nextAfter
        :info => isSignMinus, isNormal, isFinite, isNaN, isSignaling,
            isSignalingConvertedToQuiet, isCanonical, class, radix, totalOrder,
            totalOrderMag, compareFloatingValue, compareFloatingMag
        :signbit => copy, negate, abs, copySign, isSignMinus
    - feature request <>
      + add :constants
    - feature request <>
      + update ulp() with new, faster method

    - Odd versions are development versions, used for developing and verifying
      new features and bug fixes.  There may have been one or more alpha
      subversions (v0.013_001, etc).

v0.012 2016-Jul-14
    - test coverage: Devel::Cover showed two conditionals which can only ever
        trigger one of the two (impossible to hit the opposite); remove the
        unnecessary conditional
    - bugfix <>: get SNAN,
        expect QNAN
      - original code always expected QNAN, because all of the developer's
        machines automatically quiet SNAN to QNAN
      - v0.011_001: Test suite for :floatingpoint now converts SNAN to expect
        /[SQ]NAN/, because it doesn't really matter that much whether Perl
        silences a signaling NAN
    - bugfix <>
      - getting NAN instead of expected value on nextup(NEGATIVE NORMAL) or
        nextdown(POSITIVE NORMAL)
      - v0.011_001: when LSB underflows (goes to -1), the hexification is too
          many F's; misinterpreted when the two were being recombined, so masked
          the MSB and LSB before merging
    - bugfix <>
      - test suite getting -0.160000000000000003 when expecting -0.16
      - caused by systems with $Config{nvsize} > 8: code expected 64bit NV (some
        CPAN Testers have 128bit NV)
      - v0.011_002: change test suite to only compare enough significant figures
        for a 64bit double, so that even 128bit floats (quad?) will pass
      - v0.011_004: added documentation to explain that the module expects
        64bit NV, rounds off more-precise NV floats to 64bit, and will fail
        tests on 32bit NV (but might coerce to 64bit floats and might still
        "work" if the installation is forced)

    - Odd versions are development versions, used for developing and verifying
      new features and bug fixes.  There may have been one or more alpha
      subversions (v0.011_001, etc).

v0.010 Fri Jul 08 16:50:00 PDT 2016
    - Initial release

v0.001 - v0.008
    - Initial development; no public releases