Revision history for Predicates

1.0.0   12/03/2010
        First version

1.0.1   31/03/2010
        Modification to MANIFEST in response to issue 55632 (RT CPAN)

1.0.2   04/04/2010
        More bug fixes

2.0.0   26/08/2010
        Removing all Mouse based dependencies
        Increasing pod coverage

2.0.1   29/08/2010
        Correct errors in code reported in 60822 (RT CPAN)
        Removed final dependencies on Mouse
        Now at 100% POD coverage of subroutines

2.1.0   07/10/2010
        Introduced a new predicate p_substring()
        Test cases added for new predicate
        Improved descriptions of predicate; helps in debug sessions

2.1.1   08/10/2010
        Modification for pre 5.8 Perl with Readonly
        Added new test to the tags list