Data::Sorting Change History

# Current Version

2003-05-24 Packaged for public review and possible distribution.
2003-05-10 Rewritten.

# Earlier Generation

1999-01-22 Revisions to documentation.
1998-10-07 Expunged reversal_token and prepend_readable_if_Record.
1998-09-19 Folded locale support back into this module.
1998-09-19 Added sort_from_array function, which doesn't modify original.
1998-07-21 Added $PreCalculate option to avoid simultaneous sort calls.
1998-07-20 Altered sort_arrayref aliasing; fixed undef sort {} return value
1998-07-15 Tweaked fall-through logic to match Del's check-once approach.
1998-07-13 Extracted into new SortingLocale file to resolve dependancies.
1998-07-13 Overhaul to support reverse sorting, just-in-time calculations, 
           and an extension mechanism for comparison styles.
1998-04-21 Experimental locale support.
1998-04-21 Revision of sorting rules for non-alphanumeric items
1998-04-18 Refactored to single-function interface.
1997-11-23 Made sortbycalculation always use text_sort_value.
1997-11-13 Refactored sortbycalculation, added new sort_inplace function.
1997-11-04 Yanked these out of the old library into v4 Data::*.
1997-09-24 Production release of version 3 in IntraNetics97 1.00 build 000
1997-05-09 Added sortbycalculation.
1997-01-11 Version 3 forked for use with IWAE.
1996-11-13 Version 2 of adds sorting wrapper. -Simon