0.01  Wed Jul  3 19:19:46 2002
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options
		-n Data::Type -X


  Migrated from 'Data::Verify' to 'Data::Type' namespace
  Removed the pre-alpha disclaimer from README
  This now is alpha software

  added IType::W3C Interface where types from http://www.w3.org/TR/2001/REC-xmlschema-2-20010502/ are implemented
  changed 'Function' namespace to 'Facet' conforming w3c

  added HEX, BINARY types


  * Introduced various changes, thanks to https://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=1930
    posted by Henrik Tougaard via RT

    - 'DATE' type now accepts parameters DATE( [ 'MYSQL','DATEPARSE' ] ) where MYSQL (default) is the
	mysql builtin data type behaviour and DATAPARSE leads to Data::Parse's str2time function use.
	- Introduced locale support (added empty package Data::Type::Locale)
	- separated localizable type parameters to methods, so they are overridable through inheriting
	localized types:
	Example Type::dk_yesno vs Type::yesno (snipped sourcecode):

	package Type::yesno;

		our @ISA = qw(IType::String);
		sub info
			my $this = shift;
			return sprintf q{a simple answer (%s)}, join( ', ', $this->choice ) ;
		sub choice { qw(yes no) }
	package Type::dk_yesno;

		our @ISA = qw(Type::yesno);
		sub export { qw(DK::YESNO) };
		sub choice { qw(mand kvinde) }
  * Export names for types are now accessible via 'export' method ( dk_yesno => DK::YESNO for instance ).
  * Types now have their own $VERSION

  * Some minor changes
    - rename IType:: info() to desc() for better distinguishing in toc(), because of a bug during
      @ISA traversal and IType:: identification (added _unique_ordered for using only unique desc's).
    - toc() now lists also export alias's
    - regex's are now centralized and accessible via Regex::list( 'key' );


  * Changed the Data::Type::Guard attribute 'types' to 'allow', because was ambiguous with types per se.

  * New group IType::Business (see toc).

  * Some minor changes
   - toc() now sorts types alphanumeretically
   - IType:: Groups also get version
   - added type version number to catalog() output


  * added dverify( ) which is die'ing instead of throwing exceptions to the people:

        dverify( $email, EMAIL ) or die $!;
  * renamed 'choice' method for Type:: types to 'param'.

  * Some minor changes
    - Type::* package now supports new method C< sub depends {qw(CPAN::aModule)} > for retrieval of
	a dependency tree, which type made Data::Type require what.
	- added Data::Verify::depends() which returns a dependency list for types requiring other modules.


  * Introduced:
    - %Data::Type::alias holds alias names for types (these listed by export method) ie.

       package Type::something;

       sub export { qw( a1 a2 ) }

      results $Data::Type::alias{a1} returning 'something' etc.

    - New version numbering with cvs revision number ( <main version>.<cvs revision> )

  * Bugfixes:

    - forgot dverify() to export.


  * Added complains(), an alias to testplan() (which is planned to become deprecated).


  * Facet:: now could have C<usage()> method
  * Facet::match now has new syntax match( REGEX, DESC ) while DESC is a clear textual
  describtion of the REGEX function. This is used for complain().

  * verify now uses $_ per default, if only one argument is given.

  * matches() introduced as an alias for dverify(). It exported per default.

  * renamed matches() to is()

  * Added Locale::Maketext localization.
    - Accessible via $Data::Type::lh->maketext( )
    - Served through Data::Type::L18N packages.
    [Note] In first line, this is for international error reports. This
    should help promptig ie. Webusers in front of an cgi-form.

  * Renamed everything from 
	Type:: to Data::Type::
	Filter:: to Data::Type::Filter::
	Facet:: to Data::Type::Facet

  [Note] Now we don't pollute anyones namespace. Everything is beneath

  * C<Data::Type::IType::UNIVERSAL> got C<alias()> method which returns
    the exported name of that type.

  * 'summary()' is the new name of 'testplan()' (which was 'complains()').
    'testplan' is removed from the export symbols and 'summary() was added

  * C<pass> and C<fail> renamed to C<ok> and C<nok> (more intuitive).

  * Renamed type "OS::PATH" export name to "PATH"

  * Removed 'alias()' method from IType::UNIVERSAL because export() does the same.

  * Renamed Data::Type::IType::UNIVERSAL to Data::Type::IType.

  * C<summary()> 
    - now returns Data::Type::Entry objects instead of simple aref.
    - new usage: ( VALUE, ENTRY || [ ENTRY, ... ] )

  * t/describe.t renamed to t/summary.t

  * removed C<nok()>
    - C<ok> now takes a bool argument if awaiting success/fail

  * Usage changed: C<verify( $value, $test )>
                   C<dverify( $value, $test )>

  * Data::Type::Exception now has public C<catched> which holds the array
  of preceding exceptions which induced it.

  * @Data::Type::err holds the list of negative exceptions when C<dverify>
  alias C<is> fails. Syntactic sugar:

    unless( shift and is BIO::DNA )
        print Dumper \@Data::Type::err;

    - Types suffix the l18n language code: TYPE::DE for "de" (german).
    [Note] You would need an implicit Data::Type::L18N::de package.
    Only C<type export> names with a correspondent ::L18N::xx package should
    be allowed. This may not make sense when no localization is needed,
    but it will prevent consufion.

    - Data::Type::l18n_list() returns the implemented localized packages

    - move C<Data::Type::Facet::Proxy> to C<Data::Type::Facet>
    - now every Facet isa C<Data::Type::IFacet> (empty)

    - renamed C<verify> to C<valid>
    - Data::Type::Facet::match has new usage
    - Data::Type->filter now wants list of [ 'filtername', @args ]
    - Data::Type::Object::*->test and Data::Type::Filter::*->test now doesnt take any args. Instead Data::Type::value is
      consequently used.
    - added C<isnt> as an alias for C<no is( TYPE )>
    - Relaced 'IType' with 'Interface', so we got 'Data::Type::Interface' instead of 'Data::Type::IType'
      Replaced 'IFacet' with 'Facet::Interface', so we now have 'Data::Type::Facet::Interface'

    - Every regex now lives in $Data::Type::Regex::registry
    - Dynamic regex generation via coderef support (with arguments).
    - Access via C<Data::Type::Regex->request( )>. This is a step further to facadeless
    gateway to Regexp::Common (Hopefully will save a lot maintainance time).

	moved Data::Type::Exception related objects to Data/Type/Exception.pm

	added the HTML type (thanks to HMTM::Lint)

	Rename/prefixed the Data::Type::Object:: packages with std_ for Collection
	  - STD::, W3C::, BIO::, CHEM:: and DB::


    [Major] Data::Type::Regex moved to a independant module "Regexp::Box". See CPAN.