o fixed RT#101884
	  - _trim() only removed 1st whitespace
	  - optional checks were ineffective if the value was undef
	o Added AUTHOR, LICENSE and ABSTRACT fields to Makefile.PL

	o Fixed 'Artistic' typo in Makefile.PL

	o fixed cached errors bug - if a validator object has
	  been used multiple times and if during the first
	  run some errors occured, subsequent runs would show
	  the same error again and again.

	o applied patches by Per Carlson:
	  - don't die on 1st error, rather collect them and
	    issue a full report
	  - use errors() to retrieve all those collected errors
	  - enhanced unit tests
	  - proper utf8 handling
	  - lots of minor tweaks (typos, ambiguities and such)

	o added support for dynamic arguments to validators,
	  which is used by the new range type, see below.
	  arguments passed to coderefs: val, unparsed args, array
	  of args tokenized by , or -.

	o added new builtin validator type: range(start-end),
	  use it like: { loginport => range(22-23) }.

	o export a class method add_validators() [only if requested],
	  which can be used to add validator types globally.

	o lost [updated 11/2014]

	o fixed t/run.t, it used still the old name, all tests
	  failed therefore.

	o replaced some of the built-in regexes with methods
	  of Data::Validate(the real one :-) ).

	o added 2 new types: hex and oct.

	o well, against renamed it to Data::Validate::Struct,
	  because Data::Validate already exists.

	o removed check for 'resolvablehost' because some cpantesters
	  failed to run it.

        o renamed Config::General::Validate to Data::Validate
          because this tells much better what it does.

	o started with 0.x version numbering to show the
	  early stage of the module.

	o added ipv6 type

	o fixed several bugs with existing types. Thanks to
	  David Cantrell for some very useful hints.

	o added more documentation.

       Original Config::General::Validate Changelog:
		o oops - forgot to increase version number, therefore CPAN
	  	didn't get it.

		o removed inheritance of Config::General, which is senceless

		o added Regex::Common support

		o initial release