Revision history for Data-Validate-XSD

0.01    2006-02-02
        First version, not released.
1.00    2006-07-13
        Second version, modularised from Rair
1.01    2006-11-07
        Moved file loading into it's own part
1.02    2007-09-04
        Got arround to prepping it for cpan
1.03    2007-09-20
        Added date/time checking and custom methods
1.04    2007-11-29
        Fixed Makefile dependancy, make test now works
1.05	2008-02-14
		Added a much more robust test suite
		Added ability to get data from files, perl
		Added parser for getting xml data
		Added definitions parser for getting xsd data
		Fixed many bugs with debug messages and errors