Revision history for Perl extension Data-Xslate.

0.09 2021-01-30T05:45:37Z

 - Provide a .editorconfig instead of .lvimrc.

0.08 2019-04-01T05:16:35Z

 - FYMPE (Fixed Yet More POD Errors).

0.07 2019-03-06T07:41:03Z

 - Fixed pod errors as reported by CPANTS.

0.06 2019-03-02T20:55:36Z

 - Declare deps as modules, not distros.
 - Require perl 5.8.1.
 - Simplify VERSION declarations.

0.05 2019-02-14T13:50:13Z

 - Make the SYNOPSIS a bit more interesting, and test it.
 - Some documentation tweaks.

0.04 2019-02-13T18:06:57Z

 - Migrate build tooling from Dist::Zilla to Minilla.
 - Remove most dependencies.

0.03 2016-10-05

 - Stop modifying the passed in data structure, and add a test
   which verifies this.
 - Fix shabang lines in .t files.

0.02 2016-10-04

 - Fixed a bunch of nasty little bugs found by creating a new test
   which checks permutations of nested_key_tag, substitution_tag,
   and key_separator.
 - Changed the default nested_key_tag and substitution_tag to
   a plane old equals sign.  This may not work great in all situations,
   but its simple and easy to change.
 - Add a key_separator argument so the character used between
   keys in a key path can be customized.
 - Make the nested keys syntax more explicit by supporting a
   nested_key_tag argument.
 - Stop CPAN from indexing an internal package.
 - Add Text::Xslate to dependencies.

0.01 2016-10-03

 - First release.