Revision history for Date-HolidayParser

Version 0.41
- Fixed a problem where the UIDs in Date::HolidayParser::iCalendar was
  timezone-specific. The UIDs have been changed to be timezone-agnostic.
- Minor code cleanups

Version 0.4 
- Fixed an eternal loop on some errornious lines
- Added Date::HolidayParser::iCalendar (DP::iCalendar-like interface
	to Date::HolidayParser).
- Converted to the Moose object system (uses Any::Moose, so it is
	compatible with Moose and Mouse).
- Dropped legacy function-oriented interface
- Huge cleanup

Version 0.3
- Added object oriented interface
- Some code cleanup
- Fixed parsing of some (valid) keyword combinations

Version 0.2
- Fixed parsing XX/YY dates
- Now parses the "length" and "every" keyword
- Fixed parsing dates that has a trailing dot
- Now doesn't die unless it's absolutely required

Version 0.1
- First version, released on an unsuspecting world