0.101		2019-08-14	T. R. Wyant
    - Fix broken POD links, and add test to ensure they stay fixed.

0.100		2018-12-21	T. R. Wyant
    - Update author and copyright information.

    - Add author tests
    - Update metadata

0.04  2003-03-13	Eugene van der Pijll
    - changed output of datetime() to 2000-01-01J00:00:00, to be
      different from Gregorian dates.

    - removed bug in day_of_year calculation

    - removed "use Params::Validate", which was superfluous after v0.03

0.03  2003-03-08	Eugene van der Pijll
    - removed a bug: adding years now works correctly

    - added gregorian_deviation() function

    - changed module source to the development standards of the DateTime

    - changed required version of DateTime to 0.08, and removed some
      workarounds that were necessary for version 0.07
      (last_day_of_month, _greg2rd, _rd2greg)

0.02  2003-02-16	Eugene van der Pijll
    - replaced POSIX::floor with a homegrown version

    - renamed _greg2rd and _rd2greg to _ymd2rd and _rd2ymd, in
      anticipation of a possible change in DateTime. The old names will
      still be available for a while for backward compatibility.

    - corrected the POD documentation on from_object (reported by Dave

    - removed some bugs in the test script (patch by Tatsuhiko Miyagawa)

    - perhaps most importantly, changed comment in t/1.t: -4712/1/1 is
      not JD 1, but JD 0

0.01  2003-02-14	Eugene van der Pijll
	- original version; the methods that are inherited from DateTime are
	  not well tested yet