Revision history for DateTimeX-Format
1.03      December 14, 2011
          Fixed helper method to not use absolute package because of upstream breakage
          Changed repository to use non-protected-ssh one, added website to meta

1.02      July 16, 2009
          Fixed role inclusion order / added test
          Moved to use non-string types internally (deprecated in MX::Types now)

1.01      July 15, 2009
          Fixed compilation error in CustomPattern role

1.00      April 9, 2009
          Works under perl 5.08 now. (no 5.10 specific features)
          fixed a failing test from before (bad test count)

0.01_06   April 8, 2009
          Finnally forked MooseX::Types::DateTime into
           MooseX::Types::ButMainted this allowed me to add support for Olson
           abbreviations via Olson::Abbreviations and drop requirement for
           Date::Manip, and DateTimeX::Easy
          Added tests for new coercions
          Removed all occurances of 'timezone', replaced with 'time_zone', as
           per convention in DateTime::Format::*
          Updated POD

0.01_05   Feb 1X, 2009
          Fixed docs, to show methods required

0.01_04   Feb 18, 2009
          Fixed doc issues
          Made composiing classes require format_datetime
          Made coercions work from runtime call environment

0.01_03   Feb 18, 2009
          Pulled CustomPattern out into its own role

0.01_02   Feb 17, 2009
          Made the helper function ->new_datetime, uses ->debug, and
          supports timeonly DT 

0.01_01   Feb 17, 2009
          Got something up and working this serves as a role that all modules
          in DateTimeX::Format should use.