Revision history for Perl extension DateTimeX-Moment

0.06 2019-06-21T21:41:01Z

    - 19c8238 add dependency for DateTime::Duration (fix #3)
    - 1a6b3b2 Align/Group accessors and avoid shifting the stack (chansen)
    - e28422d Group methods in a somewhat logical order (chansen)
    - 85a5436 Removed unused routine _mod_and_keep_sign (chansen)
    - 6ea316a Fixed ->delta_days (chansen)
    - f9eb6fb Fixed ->delta_md (chansen)
    - 8ded533 Fixed ->subtract_datetime_absolute (chansen)
    - eab6307 Optimize ->set (chansen)

0.05 2016-04-13T03:39:17Z

    - more increase compatibility with DateTime (thanks chansen)

0.04 2016-04-07T02:12:01Z

    - increase compatibility with DateTime (thanks chansen)

0.03 2016-03-18T10:45:30Z

    - no require DateTime/DateTime::Duration for testing.

0.02 2016-02-15T06:47:15Z

    - fixed deps

0.01 2016-02-13T00:36:17Z

    - original version