Changelog for Debug-Fork-Tmux

v1.000011 2012-12-08T07:31:32
 [Peter Vereshagin <>]
 - Moved config init code to subs, no MANIFEST for Git
   Ticket: 104 (eb29821a-4247-4f54-b851-f6ee696fde56)
     - Made the init code structured by subs in
       - Put paths init code to _default_tmux_paths();
       - Tests for _default_tmux_paths();
       - Put fqfn init code to _default_tmux_fqfn().
   Ticket: 130 (2aee61ba-6027-4e41-8bd3-c06a74684dcc)
     - Missing test files from git snapshot's MANIFEST
       ('Warning: the following files are missing in your kit'):
       - Changes
       - t/00-compile.t
       - t/000-report-versions.t
       - xt/author/critic.t
       - xt/author/pod-spell.t
       - xt/author/test-eol.t
       - xt/release/changes_has_content.t
       - xt/release/cpan-changes.t
       - xt/release/dist-manifest.t
       - xt/release/distmeta.t
       - xt/release/kwalitee.t
       - xt/release/meta-json.t
       - xt/release/minimum-version.t
       - xt/release/mojibake.t
       - xt/release/no-tabs.t
       - xt/release/pod-coverage.t
       - xt/release/pod-linkcheck.t
       - xt/release/pod-syntax.t
       - xt/release/portability.t
       - xt/release/synopsis.t
       - xt/release/test-version.t
       - xt/release/unused-vars.t

v1.000010 2012-12-02T19:28:10
 [Peter Vereshagin <>]
 - Searching for tmux binary and perl-5.8.9 minimum
   Ticket: 104 (eb29821a-4247-4f54-b851-f6ee696fde56)
     Try for several tmux locations
     Searching is made in:
       - $ENV{PATH}
       - Perl interpreter binary's directory
       - Current directory
     Just 'tmux' is the last default if that fails.
   Ticket: 117 (eb4b4931-7c76-4547-a0b3-cf1278251224)
     perl-5.8.9 in POD
     Documentation is made according to the fact that 'make test' is 'just
     fine' under Tmux in perl-5.8.9.

v1.000009 2012-11-30T11:24:44
 [Peter Vereshagin <>]
 - Carp croaking without '.' on an end
   Carp::croak()'s message with a '.' at the end should be understanded in
   Thanks: Richard Foley <>

v1.000008 2012-11-30T06:31:27
 [Peter Vereshagin <>]
 - Better description for POD

v1.000007 2012-11-25T13:53:43
 [Peter Vereshagin <>]
 - Perl6::Slurp unmet dependency for an author test
   Perl6::Slurp is required for 'xt/author/10-mkdn-no-backslashes.t' test.
   Added dependensy to:
     - Makefile.PL
     - Build.PL

v1.000006 2012-11-23T12:21:03
 [Peter Vereshagin <>]
 - Added GitHub page link

 - Ticket: 76 (f80aff98-37f9-41a4-aae3-088c5475a3d2)
   More links in the 'Support' section
     - Changes in Support section of weaver.ini;
     - More content in the module built;

v1.000005 2012-11-20T15:51:59
 [Peter Vereshagin <>]
 - id: 82 (03eb37ec-a0d9-4563-8d84-a3ac0464d9e7)
   summary: disable versions' report in HTML:
     - No versions shouldn't be regenerated on every build;
     - tidy up HTML for Docs/, too.

v1.000004 2012-11-20T09:51:59
 [Peter Vereshagin <>]
 - Ticket: 87 (ecc4ad40-c3f0-41d6-9ced-80ca3d508023)
   Test::Version seems to be missing from prereqs.  Some of the tests
   require Test::Version:
     t/10-use.t 	    (Wstat: 256 Tests: 46 Failed: 1)
       Failed test:  40
       Non-zero exit status: 1
     t/30-tmux.t	    (Wstat: 0 Tests: 1 Failed: 0)
       Parse errors: Bad plan.	You planned 0 tests but ran 1.
     Files=7, Tests=114,  2 wallclock secs ( 0.03 usr  0.09 sys +  1.13
   cusr  1.36 csys =  2.61 CPU)
     It was observed that the test suite seem to fail without these
   Plan for t/30-tmux.t 'skip_all' should be fixed, too.

v1.000003 2012-11-19T14:38:23
 [Peter Vereshagin <>]
 - Ticket: 69 (f6be26b2-2de0-4905-889a-47e16120efa1)
   '\_' in headers in markdown README
   Test should be created for no backslashes in the resulting README.mkdn,
   headers at the least.
   GitHub page contains backslashes:
     - DB::get\_fork\_TTY()
     - \_spawn\_tty()
     - \_tmux\_new\_window()
     - \_tmux\_window\_tty( $window\_id )
     - \_read\_from\_cmd( $cmd => @args )
     - \_croak\_on\_cmd( $cmd => @args, $happen )
   Remove them.

v1.000002 2012-11-18T18:11:37
 [Peter Vereshagin <>]
 - Ticket: 69 (f6be26b2-2de0-4905-889a-47e16120efa1)
   '\_' in headers in markdown README
   GitHub page contains backslashes:
     - DB::get\_fork\_TTY()
     - \_spawn\_tty()
     - \_tmux\_new\_window()
     - \_tmux\_window\_tty( $window\_id )
     - \_read\_from\_cmd( $cmd => @args )
     - \_croak\_on\_cmd( $cmd => @args, $happen )
   Remove them.

v1.000001 2012-11-16T19:12:09
 [Peter Vereshagin <>]
 - Ticket: 71 (723ec51b-a15b-41e9-883c-086f13781d8e)
   skip some author tests
   Some of the xt/ tests shouldn't be in the master branch. They are too
   devel-centric. Technically this means: remove xt/ from master branch.
   Tests known to be absent in DZPB:TestingMania:
     - 30-fixme.t
     - 30-nobreakpoints.t
     - 50-complexity.t
     - 70-code-coverage.t
   They should stay.

1.000012 2013-03-22T07:59:46
 [Peter Vereshagin <>]
 - Avoid build on ms-windows and other fixes
   Ticket: 97 (bfe4e01a-8c9a-40b5-bda4-3f1739637231)
     - Perl6::Slurp unmet dependency for 'no backslashes in markdown' test:
     "Can't locate Perl6/ in @INC"
       - Perl6::Slurp is no more required for
	 'xt/author/10-mkdn-no-backslashes.t' test as it skips test if the
	 module isn't found;
       - Removed dependency from:
	 - Makefile.PL
	 - Build.PL .
   Ticket: 106 (d325fed4-72a7-4896-943c-6b99ef1f3bb8)
     - Mention running under tmux in the docs: "failed to connect to
       Connection refused" if tmux was not found
       - Description section was added with Tmux dependency.
       - Configuration and environment section was added that if use
	 Debug::Fork::Tmux outside tmux then the command line parameters
	 point to the right tmux server and session.
   Ticket: 109 (0604acf5-45ac-4912-9e0d-e641af1ba5ca)
     - Added tmux version requirement into Description of the POD: "tmux:
       option -- F" for Tmux version < 1.6.
   Ticket: 126 (a9ccd0f6-2fc1-4ef4-a98b-92702f90cf09)
     - Add perl-debugger links to POD
       - Added to the  'See Also' section of the POD:
	 - nntp://
   Ticket: 134 (bb9900f5-8092-4101-8e13-0cf80f2e2955)
     - format diags
       - Formatted error messages in the Diagnostics section in the POD
   Ticket: 136 (c473ead6-7a08-4cb5-bc98-93cae79bc4e3)
     - ms-windows avoid build and install
       - mentioned ms-windows as a (restricted) dependency in the meta info
	 build for this platform shall be avoided.
       - Devel::AssertOS included itself into inc/

v1.000000 2012-11-13T17:11:03
 [Peter Vereshagin <>]
 - CPAN preparations
   Ticket: 59 (8af01bf2-7400-41fc-8d01-5d535f1b7d13)
     Rename to 'Debug-Fork-Tmux'
     'Debug-Fork-Tmux' is a more appropriate name for the module. This
     but not limited to:
       - Namespace change from Spunge::DB to Debug::Fork::Tmux;
       - Repositories rename from Spunge-DB to Debug-Fork-Tmux.
   Ticket: 61 (4d0f20cf-f671-41ac-b8aa-1f6b42e8c1b4)
     Skip tests when no 'tmux' binary found
     Tests should be skipped if any of this:
       - No 'tmux' binary is found for execution;
       - 'tmux' binary returns the version < 1.6;
       - test is trying to run not under Tmux.
     'TMUX' environment varuiable seems to show if we're under Tmux.

 - Naming improvements and a config tweakery feature
   Ticket 52 (612a1586-80e9-4c87-a471-41da4af27900) start private subs
   with '_'
     This includes every sub in:
       - Spunge::DB namespace
       - Spunge::DB::Config namespace besides get_config()
   Private subs are those intended to be called from inside of the
   package only. Start each them with an underscore. This includes
   subroutines' names:
     - in the POD
     - in the tests
     - in the code
   Ticket 54 (727e4754-fa31-4e2a-bb0a-187fbbfbf8d2)
   configuration with environment variables
   Make it possible for the user to change by mean of environment the
   values of the configuration parameters, mostly adding the 'SPUNGE_' as
   a prefix to name them.
   Make the package Spunge::DB::Config:
     - all the settings should be retrieved into the Spunge::DB with
       get_spunge_conf( 'variable_name' ) command
     - POD on the settings should stay in the Spunge::DB.
       Spunge::DB::Config should link to the 'CONFIGURATION AND
       ENVIRONMENT' section though
     - names of the settings should be lowercase
     - all of the settings should be kept in the package lexical
   Ticket 56 (7ba4dc92-fbb3-4140-b059-6e2cba45d010)
   Make a constant or environment variable for a command in the tmux new
   Currently Tmux makes a new window with a system command
     sleep 1000000
   Make the command to be the constant assigned at the compilation from
   the environment variable.
     - config key is 'tmux_cmd_neww_exec'
     - environment variable is SPUNGE_TMUX_CMD_NEWW_EXEC

 - POD and tests improvements
   Ticket 30 (82676ebc-d911-43d7-96d9-8c9cbc906508)
     set up web links:
       - GitHub page of the Spunge-DB project;
       - GitWeb page  of the Spunge-DB project at a Vereshagin.Org;
       - Bugzilla page of the Spunge-DB project at a Vereshagin.Org, and
	 in a BUGS AND LIMITATIONS section, too.
   Ticket 37 (120bc9ce-ad91-469f-8060-96aef1d0420e)
     Tmux and Perl dependencies in POD. Add to the DEPENDENCIES section
     of the POD:
       - Tmux, the terminal multiplexer;
       - Perl, the programmin language.
     supplied with web links to each of them.
   Ticket 39 (eb90c260-f020-48f7-a230-5262a04d57f0)
     don't check xt/ for strict and warnings
     t/10-use.t should not check xt/ for:
       - use strict
       - use warnings
     It should only check xt/ for syntax.
   Ticket 41 (08917361-a765-4390-91a8-c7dacca551b2)
     dependencies satisfied in POD by perl minimum requirement
     The POD's 'DEPENDENCIES' section contains the modules already found
     in the minimum Perl version:
       - Config
       - Cwd
       - DB
       - ExtUtils::MakeMaker
       - File::Find
       - File::Spec
     Such a dependencies should be listed in one line.
   Ticket 43 (ae7f0794-ef68-43d8-beeb-42940c997fd1)
     Wrap text (flatten) on READMEs
     Make POD and READMEs lines of text no longer than 76 characters

 - version bump to 0.0.10

 - No Changes needed in the master branch

 - Bump up to v0.0.9

 - version bump to v0.0.9

 - More correct template syntax for Changes

 - Manifest about Changes

 - version bump to v0.0.8

 - Changes are added to the master branch

 - PEADME.pod version bump

 - More files on the block

 - Removed timestamp from README.html

 - Removed timestamp from README.html

 - README.html removed due to having a timestamp

 - added READMEs

 - Files of a build in the master branch

 - README.pod version bump

 - added README.pod

 - Ticket 30 (82676ebc-d911-43d7-96d9-8c9cbc906508)
   set up web links:
     - GitHub repository of the Spunge-DB project;
     - GitWeb page  of the Spunge-DB project at a Vereshagin.Org;
     - Bugzilla page of the Spunge-DB project at a Vereshagin.Org, and in a
       BUGS AND LIMITATIONS section, too.

 - POD fixes
   Ticket 11 (fb4da310-a328-4fa3-b8b7-0185e95919a7)
   Smaller POD fixes:
     - build POD SYNOPSIS section. Disable DZP:PodVersion in favor of
     - ' $DB::fork_TTY to the same <Str> ' should be enclosed in C<>;
     - AUTHOR section should include;
     - Function names in the POD headers should be supplied the braces();
     - Build CONFIGURATION AND ENVIRONMENT section in the POD;
     - Some of the  =sub headers lack '>' in favor of E<gt>.
   Ticket 14 (0ec84f72-560e-4850-a31f-34b90518b338)
   DEPENDENCIES section:
     - Make a DEPENDENCIES section in the POD in a PBP way.
   Ticket 17 (127641d7-69f1-4c5c-b937-3866c7ecd76b)
   write croak messages to DIAGNOSTICS POD
   DIAGNOSTICS POD should be filled with croak_on_cmd() messages.
   Ticket 19 (85782e29-4094-4cb4-9cf4-c9be38b5fa8a)
   Point POD links from perl built-ins to the corresponding perlfunc
   sections. Make them work in the resulting HTML:
     - L<system>;
     - L<fork>.
   all of them are perl built-in subroutines.

   Working code is created:
     - the module Spunge::DB with subs, docs, etc.
     - tests include:
       - 10-use.t tries to use the module. No bad if it only require()s the
	 module instead of use() as module does not @EXPORT anything;
       - 20-cmd.t tries the basic commands and the module's built-in
       - 30-tmux.t tries to call functions executing the Tmux.

 - Added 'use' and 'strict' test

 - Added synopsis to POD.

 - Test build

 - initial commit