Revision history for Perl module Debuggit

2.06 Mar 31, 2015
    - fix warnings in newer versions of Perl
        - thanks to ANDK for the patch
        - closes RT/90433
    - test suite stuff:
        - rename nomem1.t to nomem-old.t
        - do a skip_all in all cases
            - this avoids GTop failures on certain Perl versions
        - rename nomem2.t to nomem.t
        - Memory::Usage is now the official way to test we're not adding RAM

2.05 Nov  5, 2013
    - more distro fixes:
        - remove evil stuff that had crept into MANIFEST
        - updated MANIFEST.SKIP to hopefully keep that from happening again
        - moved POD tests to xt/ so they can't cause install failures
        - fixed Makefile.PL to generate both META.yml *and* META.json

2.04 Feb 15, 2013
    - added support for Data::Printer via a new config option
    - DUMP function (with Data::Dumper) now sorts hash keys
    - doco for DataPrinter option, plus more doco tweaks
    - fixed many distribution/testing errors:
        - added configure_requires for YAML::Tiny
            - should fix UNKNOWN reports on CPAN Testers
        - revamped default_funcs.t to work on Windows
        - added testing Perl snippet framework to work across Windows/Linux
            - working with DANBOO to get this stuff into Test::Command
        - now sorting Data::Dumper hash keys in all tests too

2.03 Dec 30, 2012
    - very slight doco tweaks
    - fixed Module::Install version as per Miyagawa

2.02 Feb 19, 2012
    - fixed annoying "redefined" warnings
    - fixed annoying "naked subroutines" test failures for callers of Debuggit
        - proper handling of Pod::Coverage's absence in t/pod_coverage.t
    - can now override the system wide DEBUG for a specific module
    - adding another test to insure no additional memory is used
        - refactored t/nomem1.t to match t/nomem2.t
        - more cautious handling of Memory::Usage to avoid non-Linux problems
    - updated / extended all POD
        - now have main POD, manual, and cookbook
    - fixed the problem with Moose classes autocleaning DEBUG

2.01 Jul 29, 2011
    - initial CPAN release
    - updates to POD
    - fixed Changes file (now in reverse chronological order)

2.00 Mar 29, 2011
    - initial version as
        - rebuilt from the ground up (again)
        - still using TDD; now using TAP
        - all previous features retained except:
            - messing about with VC working dirs removed
            - that probably should have always been separate, really
    - designed to be released onto CPAN
        - distro built up (using ExtUtils::ModuleMaker::PBP)
        - added POD
        - tests fully TAP compliant
        - added lots of comparisons with other CPAN modules
        - now verifying claims of 0 memory and 0 code via tests
    - added some new features:
        - removed dependence on Exporter (wasn't really using it for anything anyway)
        - DEBUG moved to package Debuggit:: (of course)
        - DEBUG already defined in caller not an exception (similar to VCtools::Base)
            - can't remember why I thought it should be an error in the first place
        - min debugging level (first arg to debuggit) is now optional (default: 1)
        - separated out formatter so you can change how the debugging output looks
        - separated out output method so you can change where the debugging output goes
        - exposed default_formatter as part of the public interface
        - formalized the debugging functions
            - added $self arg
            - added add_func
            - added remove_func
        - added POLICY arg to import for exporting up a level
    - tested all this in production code for roughly two years before deemed ready for CPAN
        - as noted below, original dates from Aug 7, 2008

[END OF LIFE (such as it was) for Company::Debug]

1.99 Summer, 2008
    - initial version as Company::Debug
    - first idea for debugging functions
        - default function DUMP for runtime require'ing of Data::Dumper
        - flexible multi-arg functions for handling repititious debugging like in the POOF code
            - so, thanks to BMILLARES for giving me the brainstorm! (albeit inadvertently)
            - the OBJDATA example in is almost verbatim what Benny was doing
    - eventually abandoned this idea in favor getting ready for CPAN

[creation of Company::Debug]
[this idea was never completed, and consequently never checked in]


1.13 Jul 11, 2009
    - cleaned up super-obscure bug caused by trying to call debuggit() from inside _set_debuggit_func()
        - not only avoids spurious warning, but should provide better performance as well

1.12 Jul 11, 2009
    - fixed bug where testing modules redirect didn't work when Debuggit was loaded
    - trying new, simpler method of redirecting to testing modules
        - not sure why I was doing it so complicated-ly anyway ...
    - fixed some debugging statements and added a few more

1.11 Jul 9, 2009
    - think I managed to fix the Debuggit/Barefoot conflicts, finally

1.10 Jun 24, 2009
    - now allows to override DEBUG and debuggit(), as long as it's loaded first
        - any DEBUG parameter to Barefoot is ignored
        - Barefoot modules are still redirected to test areas
    - fixed bug where call to croak() bombs because Carp wasn't loaded
      (this bug was hardly ever hit in actual code)

[work on 2.x branch (actual started here: Aug 7, 2008]

1.04 Jun 23, 2008
    - updated debuggit() to surround strings with leading or trailing spaces with << >>
    - updated doco and tests to match
    - checking eval for errors

1.03 Jul 14, 2007
    - updated some comments

1.02 Jan 22, 2007
    - updated copyright

1.01 Jan 19, 2007
    - debuggit() now catches undef values and displays them as <<undef>>
        - avoids "uninitialized" warnings
        - distinguishes between undef vs empty string
    - no longer relying on $"; using join(' ') instead

1.00 Sep 13, 2006
    - initial version as
        - rebuilt from the ground up
        - now using TDD (but still not TAP)
    - a new module designed to replace both Barefoot::base and Barefoot::debug
    - consolidation into a single module (incorporated from Geek::Dev::Debug)
    - first version with debuggit()
        - very simple implementation
        - min debugging level (first arg) is required
        - supplies spaces between args (via $") and newline
        - printing to STDERR (always)
        - function is eval'ed to guarantee no memory usage when not in debugging mode
    - uses more sophisticated @INC hook (incorporated from VCtools::Base) for finding local copy of
      library modules when in debugging mode

[END OF LIFE for Barefoot::debug / Barefoot::base ]

[VCtools::Base receives no new development after this point]
[(simply gets features backported from 1.x line)]

0.64 May 23, 2004
    - provided explicit path for calling vctools-config (should better pass taint checks,
      and fix some testing glitches as well)

0.63 May 1, 2004
    - added a few stray debugging statements
    - fixed a potential buglet (chomping in the wrong order)

0.62 Apr 14, 2004
    - updated comments in header

0.61 Apr 11, 2004
    - corrected leftover testing bug
    - fixed bug where it was pulling up test modules even if DEBUG off

0.60 Apr 9, 2004
    - initial version as VCtools::Base
    - created new module for handling VCtools' debugging (breaks dependency on Geek::Dev::Debug)
    - DEBUG already defined in caller no longer an exception
    - much more sophisticated handling of VCtools working dir (natch)

[END OF LIFE for Geek::Dev::Debug]

0.57 Apr 26, 2004
    - removed all directory fiddling, as it's not necessary w/ the new all-1-one website-in-the-proj dir scheme
    - took out prohibition against multiple DEBUG setting: this is a temporary fix only!

0.56 Apr 23, 2004
    - changed project name to reflect repository changes
    - changed BASE_DIR to reflect proposed new production location

0.55 Apr 4, 2004
    - now sets BASE_DIR for use when debugging is turned off
    - now only uses VCtools working dir stuff if debugging is non 0
    - also adds protection against adding dirs into @INC multiple times
    - rearranged untainting stuff now that we're using an external program as opposed to an env var
      (for VCtools working dir)

0.54 Apr 3, 2004
    - now allowed to use Debug twice in a row, as long as (at least) second one has no args

0.52 Mar 29, 2004
    - tweaked comments a hair

0.51 Jan 22, 2004
    - updated to work with ThinkGeek environment
    - now using VCtools instead of CVS (for future upgrade to Subversion while maintaining backward
    - changed fallthrough around a bit:
        - no longer requires two modules
        - using Geek:: instead of Barefoot::
    - added ability to turn off debugging via a string arg to Debug (one of: qw< OFF FALSE NOT! >)
        - this feature didn't survive the death of Geek::Dev::Debug
    - updated all tests and comments

0.50 Jan 21, 2004
    - initial version as Geek::Dev::Debug
    - formalized test scripts (although still not using standard TAP)

0.22 Nov 17, 2003
    - now includes instead of to avoid chicken-and-egg problem ( includes
    - added debug statement for master debug var

0.21 Dec 22, 2002
    - initial attempt at DEBUG macro (using source filter) unsuccessful (commented out)
    - now stores DEBUG value in Barefoot:: for easier retrieval (for instance, if running under mod_perl)
    - now understands to draw default value for DEBUG (for fall-through) from Barefoot:: (not main::)
    - this means that "top-level script" no longer defined as "main", but rather whoever includes
      this module first
    - changed a die() (when DEBUG already defined) to a croak() for better error output

0.20 May 12, 2002
    - now allows specification of debug level at use statement
    - defaults to 1, but can specify any number you like
    - gave up on export_to_level and just doing eval in calling package
    - implemented "fall-through" from top-level script: now passes through main::DEBUG if present
    - defaults to 0 if not present in calling package and not present in main::
    - no longer getting "redefined" errors

0.11 Dec 2, 2001
    - changed DEBUG_MODE to DEBUG (still only either 1 or 0)
    - finally worked out how to do DEBUG as compile-time constant with various values
    - now using Exporter and export_to_level() to export constants
    - constant already extant in calling package is a fatal error
    - moved master value from package main to package Barefoot::base

0.10 Oct 7, 2001
    - initial version using Barefoot::base (in addition to Barefoot::debug)
    - changed variable $debug_mode to constant DEBUG_MODE
    - always either 1 or 0
    - force package main to avoid problems with inclusive use's

0.03 Sep 14, 2001
    - debug can now be used in -T scripts without tainting @INC

0.02 Sep 12, 2001
    - added $debug_mode as a substitute for $debug
    - left $debug in for backward compatibility, but noted that it was depracated

0.01 Dec 27, 2000
    - fixed dir to match new private CVS copies location
    - cleaned up comments

0.00 Aug 28, 2000
    - original version (Barefoot::debug)
    - integration of CVS working dir to pull Barefoot:: modules from there when in DEBUG mode
    - simple $debug variable
    - always either 1 or undefined