Revision history for Devel-Camelcadedb

        Taint mode support, by @djstauffer
        Typo fixes, by @HenkPoley
        Proper state restoration on exit (mod_perl2 consistency fix), by @jonas-lindmark
        Introduced $API_VERSION variable to unbind debugger version from protocol version

        Added renderers support

        Introduced fileno information

        Introduced layers information in the debugger
        Introduced tied information in the debugger

        Fixed comments in constant, caused problems in perl 5.10

        New versioning.
        Added uWSGI + Plack support
        Fixed possible problems with destructor corrupting sub result
        Added initialization debugger code support
        Improved performance of breakpoints setting
        Introduced IDE-side options for non-interactive mode and compile-time breakpoints (since 2.101)
        Fixed problem with debugging flow after exception been thrown
        Fixed problem with Cwd::realpath failure without an exception on linux systems    23 May 2016
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.