1.03    2015-01-04      Update travis.yml
                        Fix possible crash bug on windows.

1.02    2014-08-30      Remove .exe when it run on cygwin.

1.01    2013-07-26      Correct version

1.00    2013-07-26      Deprecate use-devel-checklib script.

0.99    2013-04-02      Allow -R rpaths as libpaths used with solaris cc
			  (see RT #81330)

0.98    2012-03-17      Merge ldflags & perllibs.

0.97    2012-02-02      Fixed test.

0.96    2012-02-02      Pass linker options to MSVC.

0.95    2011-10-22      Clean up object files.
                        Also MSVC generates extra files, clean them up.

0.94    2011-10-14      Better error message.

0.93    2011-04-09      Add support for gcc that have version number in the command name.
                        Fix about that the command path include space character.

0.92    2010-12-13      Patch included, thanks to CHM and SISYPHUS (see RT #63742)

0.91    2010-09-29      Version bump up.

0.9     2010-09-29      Fix deprecated parenthesis. use "(qw())".

0.8     2010-09-15      Add include header files into dependencies files.
                          (see RT #61297)
                        Add minimum version number of perl.

0.7     2010-08-25      Add support for checking if a function exists
                          in a library and it returns the right value
                          (see RT #48332)
                        Add check_lib function

0.6     2009-05-20      Support EU::MM-stylee command line, thanks to
                          DAXIM (see RT #46044)

0.5     2008-03-12      Break up 'package Devel::CheckLib' in inc/ so
                          distributions including it don't get marked
                          as 'unauthorised'

0.4     2008-03-04      Look for headers as well as libraries;
                        Clean up temp dirs in tests;
                        use-devel-checklib fixed for Win32

0.3     2007-10-30      tests now skip when they need a compiler and can't
                          find one;
                        Borland compiler support;
                        added bin/use-devel-checklib script;
                        added EU::MM-stylee LIBS support

0.2     2007-10-18      better portability, more features
                        Renamed to Devel::CheckLib

0.1     2007-10-14      Initial release